Sunday, October 30, 2016

All Horrorod's Eve: 1973 Porsche 914 V8 Custom

Back when Ferdinand Porsche Jr was designing the iconic 914, there were rumors that he created a one-off prototype of what could have been.  This prototype sports headlights from a Chrysler 300M, an interior from a 90s BMW 3-series, tail lights from a corvette, Ferrari side vents, Chevy V8 power, and the biggest Lightning McQueen smiling grill I've seen on something that isn't a Mazda product.  Find this 1973 Porsche 914 V8 Custom offered with pre-auction estimate of $30,000 to $35,000 via 

On paper, the idea of a modern styled custom body on a Porsche 914 backbone with V8 power sounds good...but the end results are almost always terrible.  It is like pouring a homemade hollandaise sauce all over hazelnut gelato. 

Behind the driver's seat is a Chevy small block V8, because...well...they are cheap and ubiquitous in the custom car scene.  Boring?  Sure.  Fast?  Yup.  Reliable.  You bet. Instead of spending extra time/money swapping some furrin' engine into the back of this thing, you can spend that same energy in bolting a BMW interior into place. 

See another oddball custom?


  1. there are some kinda cool things happening here but that had to cannibalize a legitimately cool car to do it. A tuned up, 180 hp Beetle motor would have made a much cooler swap.
    If you want a corvette, buy a corvette.

  2. Pre auction estimate of 30-35k? 35k what? Incredulous frowns? Because that particular currency is all this collection of commingled crap will ever garner with any regularity, at least until it meets it's guaranteed and completely-foreseeable demise in the crusher's craw. Perhaps I'd be willing to believe 30-35k dirty looks. Or 30-35k angry ball peen swings. Maybe 30-35k minutes alone with a large ungulate in a closed cage. These are all an order of magnitude more appropriate than 30-35k of any internationally-accepted legal currency.

    1. Agreed Doctor, and the shifter has a red knob on it and everything...

    2. And we're going to start the bidding at $20,000!

      and, again, starting at $10,000!

      Ok, folks, well start at the beginning, who'll bid $1,000!

      finally a hand goes up.

      Sold for $1,000!

      Seriously, who the hell estimated $30k for this? They should be laughed out of the auto auction industry. This car is a lovingly-made abomination and will not get anywhere near $30k unless a very particular (and peculiar) buyer comes forward. Please update the post after the sale!

  3. Just because you can, sometimes you shouldn't

  4. Does this car have an engine in it? 'Cause I shore don't see on in the auction pics. Doesn't that seem strange?

    Perhaps this car's demographic/intended audience are the type of folk who don't ever open the engine bay lid.

    Do we know if the engine is in front, or amidships?

    Or maybe in the garage next door?

    Last but not least...If a builder can't take the time to properly level/align a VDO gauge in the dash...well...what does that say about the rest of the build?

    These are the nagging questions...

    -Stan (the *nagging* Stan...)

  5. Some things you just can't un-see...

  6. Wait, this isn't a photoshop? Eesh.


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