Thursday, September 8, 2016

Schachbrett Puzzle: 1978 Porsche 928

 When I first saw this ad I was immediately suspicious about the price.  Seems like a typical scam on CL.  Looking at the pictures it is obvious they were not taken recently.  You can tell it is a Euro model that had been Federalized when it was brought in to the USA. needs work...but an early model low mileage 928 with a manual transmission and pasha interior for 3K?  Das ist Blödsinn!  Find this 1978 Porsche 928 for sale in Sherwood, WI for $3000 OBO via craigslist.

First year 928's are being snapped up by the collector car community at alarming rates.  In the not too distant past these things were tough to give away and most found homes in blackberry brambles behind the barn.  This particular example is a coveted Euro model, wearing the ugly four corner side marker light installation mandated when imported.  Early (otherwise known as OB) 928 body styling is clean without the side rub strips.

The engine compartment looks like it could support the stated 55K original kilometers.  If this car is the rear deal and has been stored for 25 years there is LOADS of overdue maintenance required.  This would not be a project for the faint of heart...or slim wallets.  The seller does not disclose anything about the power train even remotely working so you would have to brace for the worst.

Porsche did some psychedelic combinations in the 70's but I'm pretty sure they never equipped red cars with brown interiors. Confucius says this car left the factory some other shade than red.  Signs of a re-paint are everywhere.  Mocha or Copper brown was most likely the original finish specified.  Pasha interiors in good condition are rare and desirable, the interior alone might justify the asking price for someone looking for good parts.  

Recent market activity for early OB models in good condition is skyrocketing.  No doubt, this car would need a full restoration to pull in high numbers.  If the mileage claim turned out to be legitimate them most of the hard parts should be reusable.  If you have the skill and tools to take on a project like this there is plenty of upside on the outcome.  Deal or scam...let's hear from the readers!

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  1. Chevy V8, preferably LS1, like the Volvo wagon. Loud exhaust. Matte black paint. Or camo. And I don't know what to do with that interior, wow.

    Get out of my way!!

  2. This car debuted the Weissach Axle. I wonder how it would work as a race car, stripped bare of that interior to pay for the cage?

  3. grandpa here and wondering would you try to race an old timer like this or just restore it to it old glory (my preference). I think it needs a lot more than tires and a tune-up! I actually like the interior but not the red paint! :-( I think it needs a battery, all fluids, brakes un-seized, wipers, plugs, and a lot of things no one expected.

  4. I bought this car!! .... Paid 1700.00 for it. The odometer works, as I did take it around the block. Only 31000 original miles. Had small engine fire and sat for over 20 years, but fuel system was cleaned out and car runs!!! Original color is mocca black. Pulling motor out this spring and resealing it. Am keeping it original!!!


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