Monday, September 12, 2016

Peak of Exclusivity: 1980 Renault Alpine A310 Fleishmann

Lambo's...Ferrari's...McLaren's...honestly, these cars don't guarantee exclusivity anymore.  Once reserved for the elite and seen on rare occasions, average techies and newly legalized cannabis dealers are filling up the roads with flashy wheels these days. Why not take it up a notch and drive something no one will recognize?  Smirk as crowds gather around you at Coffee & Cars while Joe Smoke leans solo on his gold wrapped Huracan.  Find this 1980 Renault Alpine A310 Fleishmann for sale in Allentown, PA for $29,995 via craigslist. Tip from Torrance

Originally based in Dieppe, Alpine was founded in 1955 and bought by Renault in 1973.  The A310 was manufactured from 1971 - 1985.  A major restyling was penned by designer Robert Opron in 1976.  All A310 bodies were fiberglass and molded in one piece. The A310 was labor-intensive, having been developed for small-scale artisanal production.  Car assembly averaged 130 hours to build from start to finish.  Adding to the exclusivity is the Fleishmann Group IV package.

After the restyle in 1976, A310's were equipped with the troublesome PRV V6 engine pushing 150 HP in stock form.  This was the same engine used in DeLorean's DMC-12.  Fleishmann bumped the power up to 200 HP with their goodies package.  The engine compartment looks appropriate for the claimed 39K miles.  Wheels indicates this car to be an early 1980 model.  Production line changes in late 1980 added the Renault Turbo 5 suspension and 4-lug matching wheels.

While requiring some attention due to sun damage, the interior looks remarkably well for a 36 year old  hand-built car.  Grey looks good with the red exterior combo.  The seller supplies numerous interior shots and overall it could be driver quality with minimal effort.

This car screams Escobar era coke-fueled 80's with pastel suits and ponytails.  With the risk of being mistaken for a kit car, it would be a shat-ton of fun stealing attention at local gear head gatherings.  Break out the boat shoes and crank up the yacht rock, de laisser la croisière! 

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  1. I love this thing and it offers WAY more cool per pound than anything this side of an LS1 swapped Humber Super Snipe.

  2. Fleetwood T. BroughamSeptember 12, 2016 at 10:22 AM

    Nothing says "maintained with no expenses spared" like mismatched tires (the fronts being Fulda whitewalls).

    1. No expenses spared... or allocated for the seats, either.

  3. The fake 'Testarossa' side intakes make this a non-starter for me. Makes it very difficult to believe that this is not a kit even if it's not. Who does that other than kit cars advertised at the back of Popular Mechanics???

  4. And they look so great without the awful body-kit as well. Here, in Renault Blue, which is also the best colour:
    [image src="!3web.jpg" width="400px"/]


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