Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mistaken identity- 1995 Acura Integra TSX conversion

Have you ever had an idea to turn one car model into another?  I am guessing the majority of you answered no as well.  This hasn't stopped someone from customizing a two door hatchback Aura Integra into looking like a Acura TSX four door sedan.  The end result ends up being a love child of a Mini Cooper Coupe', Acura RSX, and Alfa Romeo SZ.  Find this one of a kind 1995 Acura Integra for sale in Southbury, CT for $6500.

Our Integra has a fully custom TSX-like body kit installed.  The factory rear quarter windows have somehow been eliminated and are now solid black like the entire top of the car.  The door handles have been shaved and remote door poppers operate entry into the car.  The car sits on unspecified coilovers, up sized 18" wheels, and drilled and has slotted brake rotors.

Our Integra follows the strange and pointless JDM fan-b0y trend of adding non functional tow hooks to the car.  The horizontal front tow hook and vertical rear tow hook really tie the room together.  Sadly, a 5 mph parking lot mishap with one of these could ruin all of this priceless body work.

The 130,000 mile stock 1.8 5 speed drive train has been largely left alone.  A cold air intake shaped like a bullet can be found under the hood.  The hatch of the car has a subwoofer enclosure that is missing actual speakers.

See a better mashup between two different cars, email tips@dailyturismo.com

Cory is very close to completing his project 1995 E36 wagon and trying to figure out what to do with his hoard of rare w124 parts.


  1. The rear 3/4 view look like something a inexperienced 3D modeler would extrude.
    I guess to the right crowd this is pretty cool?

  2. The Alfa SZ comparison isn't out of line. Actually kinda cool looking to me, but I'm also a big fan of ugly cars.

  3. Yes - quasi-SZ. The front quarter works well. Their rear not as much. Don't like the abandoned white A-pillars left hanging.

    1. I agree. Why not black out the a-pillar, mirror mount and mirrors? The fact that we are picking out a few details means this is kind of close to actually working!

  4. Really dig the front end, but it really bothers me when the lowers extend far enough out from the body that the wheels look too small... IMO.

    [image src="http://www.lstd.com/temp/lowers_ugh.jpg" width="394px"/]

  5. Have you ever had an idea to turn one car model into another?
    not that unusual , Pontiac Tempest > GTO, Porsche 914 > 914/6, Mustang > Shelby


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