Monday, September 12, 2016

Maytag White: 1986 Volvo 240 Sedan

The Volvo 240 might not be the greatest car ever made (despite what DT's Volvo Enthusiast-at-Large CFlo might say) but you could certainly say it was the greatest boxy sedan to come from Sweden during the 1980s.  Find this 1986 Volvo 244 Sedan offered for $5,200 near Cleveland, OH via craigslist. Tip from Alex.

I haven't been this conflicted since the Spice Girls broke up sometime around the year 2000 -- frankly Ginger Spice was the most talented of the group, but Posh Spice had four top 10 singles in her solo I REALLY have a tough time deciding if this 75k mile clean Volvo 240 is the PERFECT car for a firebreathing LS1 swap or should be left 100% stock for museum/history/the-kids, et al.

A 240 with the slushbox auto is going to be really REALLY slow, unless your yardstick is 80s Mercedes-Benz diesels, and then it will feel fast.   It is a pity that Uber requires newish cars (in Los Angeles, the cars have to be model year 2001 or newer) because this Volvo would make for a wicked taxi cab.

See another oddball that beat the odds and survived better than 99% of its siblings (we will call it the Billy Baldwin)?


  1. If it was a wagon, I might forgive the automatic. As it stands.... Next!

  2. If it was a wagon I would put in a 5 speed

  3. I owned the 1992 version of this car.

    That it all.

    I now have a '92 245 with the AW70 automatic... had an M45 available for swap but life got in the way and sold the 244 it was in.


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