Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Do You See One Oh Seven? 1975 Mercedes-Benz 280SLC

Most of the best deals on cars for sale around the web come from private sellers, but occasionally a car ends up at a small dealer or private consignment shop that is still desirable despite the undesirable price markup.  But, everybody's gotta eat, right?  Find this 1975 Mercedes-Benz 280SL offered here on eBay for $13,900 in Pleasanton, CA.

Technically the C107 SLC 2+2 superseded the W111 coupe when it was introduced in 1971 (because the W108 did not have a coupe version) but it also replaced the outgoing W113 250 SL California Coupe...suffice it to say that the SLC had big shoes to fill, and it it did a great job.

Power in this non-USA 2.8 liter DOHC inline-6 (although the seller doesn't mention that this car was imported, the slim bumpers and 280SLC designation marks it as a refugee) is rated at 185 horsepower and 176 ft-lbs of torque.  I don't have a good explanation for the left-hand-drive and English instrumentation (speedo/odo in MPH) for a non-North American car -- any guesses as to the original sales location?

See another way to drive a red classic?


  1. I would think it would also be less common to find a North American version with the 4-speed manual, which the ad says this one has. Good question where it was originally sold.

  2. It's probably a gray market import. Would've been "federalized" with the MPH speedo, sealed beam headlamps, diving board bumpers, and anti-intrusion beams in the doors when brought over. Looks like bumpers have been swapped back to slim Euro versions. This was a big market for many years for Benzes especially.

  3. I must have been hanging out here too long, those bumpers were the first thing that caught my eye. Nice car, shame it is so damn RED. I would totally paint it brown.


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