Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Decision 2016: Ford vs Chevy

Somebody mentioned something about a debate the other day, so I did some research and discovered that the Ford versus Chevy discussion had gone a bit nuts.  This next feature is a live debate between this 1957 Ford F-250 versus this 1971 Chevrolet C20 Truck -- enjoy!!

Moderator:  First off, I'd like to thank the candidates for showing up on time and under their own power. First question goes to the Ford.  What are you going to do about getting your new owner to work and back on a daily basis given your advanced age?
Ford: Mr Moderator, thank you for your generous donation to my foundation and I'd like to say that my opponent is an over restored snob that won't make a good fit for your garage and once said that "all yellow cars suck"
Chevy: Once again, my opponent and the mainstream car blogging community is putting baggage in my truck bed.  I never said those things, but I am a business man, and any business truck will tell you that most yellow cars do indeed suck.
Moderator: What are two talking about?  Sheesh...what did I get myself into.

Moderator: Next question, this time to Chevy, what is your plan to save fuel costs for your new owner as fuel costs rise in the next few years from their current historic lows?  You have 60 seconds.
Chevy: We've got to have a strong energy plan to help the new owner with his fuel bills, something that my opponent hasn't done in the past 30 years of being an owned truck.
Ford: The problem is that Chevy hasn't released his Carfax report.
Chevy: I'm under a routine Carfax audit, and I will release my Carfax when you produce the oil change receipts for the past 100k miles that you claim were eaten by your dog.
Ford: I made a mistake when I get my dog to do my record keeping, and I admit that.  It was a mistake.
Moderator: Did anybody hear the question I asked?  Is this mic working? Why did I even come here if you guys were just going to regurgitate talking points and act like 2 year olds?

Moderator: Unfortunately this is all the time we have for tonight, regrettably we could not invite the Tersus Electric Truck because it did not get enough views on eBay or the 1989 Dodge Pickup because its nav system could not find Aleppo. 


  1. Is this a town hall debate?

    My question is for both trucks. Do you consider yourselves too pretty or rare to be used as trucks? Ford, if you were used in the snow, would you rust out in 2 minutes? Is your bed too high to load and unload lumber easily with your lift? Chevy, is your paint too shiny to shuck firewood into the back of or dump a load of dirt into the back despite your bedliner? Do either of you have the brakes to pull your own weight? Would either of you care to touch on the subject of seat belts?

  2. Great questions, every one, Geraldine. It is questions like these that will help us make this decision with less angst than some other decisions we will be ask to make this year...

  3. Bwahahahahahahaha...

    (....gasp... gasp....)


  4. Orange you glad you didn't choose the yellow one!


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