Tuesday, September 27, 2016

CT scan: 1973 Honda CT70

I have fond memories of trailer camping in the 1970's.  We'd load up the trailer, put the Honda Trail 90 on the front of the pickup and bungee the two Kawasaki's in the truck bed.  In the campground, most campers would have at least one motorcycle to use for getting around, and  a good many of those camp bikes would be a Honda CT70.  Find this 1973 Honda CT70 for sale in Salem, OR for $1,750 via craigslist.

Honda made the CT70 in various incarnations from 1969 until the year 2000.  You can even buy a knock-off replica from China as the Honda patents expired in 1998.  Powered by a one cylinder air0cooled lump displacing 72cc's you probably won't win many races around the campgrounds.  This bike has been bored out to 88cc's.  The top speed of a stock CT was about 45mph, so you might be able to hit 50 with those extra 16 cc's.  What does mater is that the bike appears to be a survivor with 2,400 miles on it, vs. a beat-to-death wreck.  Additionally it comes with an Oregon title and registration.  As we've said before, non-titled bikes are a pain to deal with if you want to ride on public roads.

The CT was distinctive with is pressed steel t-bone frame and (purposely) collapsible handlebars.  Losening the knobs on the handlebars allowed them to swivel downward so you could put your CT70 in your trunk.  Then you could drive yourself to the ER after lifting a 130lb object into your trunk.

One odd feature resulting from the t-bone frame is that the gas tank lives under the bench seat of the CT.  It's removable and available, so you can pitch a rusty one and plug a new one in, without having to go thru the process of repairing and repainting something made of unobtainium.   

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He and his family are done with camping.  Fond memories are one thing, pit toilets are another...


  1. Mrs. CFlo wants one of these, badly. We already have 3 small bikes in the fleet, but I can't argue with another one. We're just getting started as parents in family camping but have fond memories as kids.

    Current fleet is:
    1968 Honda Z50 Mini Trail
    1971 Yamaha JT-1 Mini Enduro
    1981 Honda NCZ50 Motocompo

  2. CT90s make much better bikes on the road, and are honestly perfectly serviceable round-town bikes, but CT70s are about as much fun as you can have leading up to the moment that you break a tibia.

  3. Had a GREEN '71 in '72. 9th grade. Had the 4 speed with a 90 carb and slightly larger rear sprocket. With two aboard we-d dust my Mini-Trail 'buds easy. Bought $275. Sold $275. Kept the helmet for the RD350 next. Great days then.


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