Thursday, September 29, 2016

Automatic Roundie: 1973 BMW 2002

 Something isn't right here.  A '73 round tail-light BMW 2002 with decent paint offered for a bit over $5k -- did I just jump back in time?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Take a closer look for yourself at this 1973 BMW 2002 Roundie offered for $6,000 in Ventura, CA via craigslist.

DT's resident 2002 owner CFlo writes: It's a '73 2002 with what looks like really nice paint and bodywork. Blue plate original CA car. Sadly it's equipped with an autotragic slushbox, but that can be remedied with a nice 5-speed swap, which is more fun and less expensive than rust repair and paint on a ratty example. For $6k OBO, and given it's been on CL for 16 days, I'd walk up with $4500 cash and see what happened...

For the asking price you end up with a chrome bumper classic that can be driven around as-is or hot-rodded to oblivion, which seems like is a fantastic deal in today's market of over-hyped and over-inflated German classics. 

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  1. This one is like the last single girl in the bar at closing time. It may seem to be a good deal, but approach with caution and plan for some regret when you wake the next day.

  2. Hopefully when Cflo walks up with $4500 cash, there won't be a thug there to take it away!

  3. I'd leave it auto and drive the heck out of it. were I to change something in this 2002, I'd just add a/c.

  4. I once took a sunroof automatic w factory/dealer air and dropped a Gettrag 5 speed in it. Baikal blue w silver basket weaves..... Sold it for six grand......another mistake!

  5. Dagnabbit! This car was reposted this am for $3,000 obo. By the time I finished my coffee it was sold.

    There are some fast sharks on CL and I am not one of them.


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