Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Army Men: 1962 Meyers Tow'd Dune Buggy

When I was a kid, I had a small collection of those little plastic molded army men -- and they were awesome.  A few of the guys had guns, one guy had rocket launcher, and another guy was a slightly different shade of army green, but he had a grenade in one hand and was missing the other.  Obviously he was "Sergeant" and ran this rag-tag group of dirt soldiers...I wonder whatever happened to those guys...?  Anyway, if Sarge and his crew ever came to life, this is what they'd drive.  Find this 1962 Meyers Tow'd Dune Buggy here on eBay  bidding for $4,122 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go, located in Las Vegas, NV.

The Tow'd (assembled from bits of a Volkswagen Beetle donor car) was designed to be towed behind your motorhome and then hopped over sand dunes like a toad when you get to the various free to play areas that used to dot the American landscape.  These dune buggy off road areas have mostly been closed by the never ending creep of urbanization and big brother's need to keep us safe from ourselves...but this is essentially an early version of the market need that has been filled by the likes of Polaris and other enclosed ATV builders.

This particular Tow'd looks in great shape, particularly for the low bidding price.  If the reserve is anywhere nearby, it will be well bought if you ask me.  Now...where do I find a green army-man suit to wear while driving this thing?

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  1. Being a little older than you E-I-C, I had politically incorrect army men: Nazi Wehrmacht men molded in dark grey and Japanese Imperial Army mren molded in light tan. I too wonder whatever happened to those guys.

    1. olds - that's what we are
      [image src="" width="400px"/]

    2. Fully equipped with ironic pork pie hat...

    3. All of my old army men were KIAs, but none were able to be positively identified. Several were the victims of the Ronsonol lighter fluid which was a stand in for WWII flamethrowers and Napalm. The few that survived the green-b-que were killed in a series of eerily similar train accidents. One by one, they would crawl up onto the track. One by one, they were flattened. I can only hope there is no Nuremburg for Green Army Men war crimes!

    4. The woodburner caused a few artillery wounds to some of my soldiers...

  2. Wow... I have never seen one like this. Looks like if you actual sit in it, it will break in half right behind the seats. I wonder if it has a load limit! Yet, somehow, I really like it.

  3. Too bad you Jeep guys get jealous when you see a towd pass you buy out there in the backcountry where you're stuck. Don't be a hater. Read your history about Baja before you open your mouth.


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