Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anyone Coming to the Absolution Brewing Live Show Tomorrow?

Shout out in the comments if you are going to the show tomorrow. We will have freebies and DT gear to give away.


  1. oh? - what kind of DT gear, Jefe? - post a photo?

  2. I was going to save it as a mystery, but we've got T-Shirts, & hats. Lemme take a pic and post it.

    1. "DT gear" wasn't that mysterious, pal ;) - DT terrine molds and, um, Hedström files? - probly not

    2. I could give out a collection of pre-worn Harbor Freight blue safety gloves like I do at Christmas.

      Post updated with a pic above.

  3. If you're handing out presents, I'd sure love some free time!!

  4. Would love to but the commute from the east coast is a killer.
    Tag line should be come for the beer stay to keep producer Ben out of a foreign car.


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