Monday, September 19, 2016

6-Speed Swapped: 1993 BMW 740i E32

The BMW 7-series doesn't get much love from enthusiasts from the side of the pond because they were almost always equipped with automatic gearboxes, particularly the M60 V8 versions.  However, the Ercole Spada designed E32 7-series isn't a bad piece of machinery when you compare it to the 5-series, if you can get a manual under center console.  Find this 1993 BMW 740i with 6-speed offered for $2,500 in Greenfield, WI via craigslist.

Today's 7-series is a freak-- someone swapped an entire drivetrain from an E39 540i 6-speed under the hood, so now it has a 282 horsepower 4.4 liter M62 V8 mated to a Getrag 420G 6-speed pushing power to rear wheels.  Sounds good, right?

If it sounds too good for the asking price, it is because the car does need a significant amount of work to make it a good daily driver. Per the seller:
-front drivers window needs new motor
-front passenger window needs regulator
-most of front lip broke off, bumper is fine
-a/c hooked up but doesn't blow cold
-heat works but fans don't blow hard
-kidney grills are cracked
-radio needs code from BMW (they gave me the wrong code)
-gauge cluster shuts off intermittently for days at a time. Not sure why
-saggy headliner above rear seats
-Could use an alignment

See another unexpected 6-speed? Send it here:

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