Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Whatzit?: 1974 Chevy Titan

Out on the interstate, you turn more heads than a Murcielago. Park in a school zone and mothers pull their children close, ushering them away quickly.  At the campsite, retirees saunter over to your dwelling for a closer look. Want these kind of reactions? Welcome to the one-vehicle freak show. Find this 1974 Chevy Titan for sale in Lincoln, NE for $500 via craigslist.

This vehicle is listed as a multi-passenger van (aren't they all?) but it appears to be more of a self-propelled travel trailer.  The dark pictures of the interior provided in the ad don't seem to offer many clues, either. That's okay, because as it sits it is a blank canvas for whatever you want it to be.

Regardless of what it is supposed to be, it is definitely 100% awesome. There is something kitschy, yet menacing about this thing. You could also say that it is freakishly ugly like a WWI tank. So ugly that it is hard to look away. 

With a straight six, three on the tree, the drag coefficient of a barn and extremely limited visibility, driving this should be a pretty unique experience. One can only assume that it is buffeted around on the highway by crosswinds, making it howl like the devil in the process. Whatever the case, part of us wants to refresh it and turn it into the coolest road-trip machine ever. First stop: Burning Man.

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  1. Sure hope the guy and his straight edge went on to learn about curves. I do dig the contact paper.

    Preceded equally lame wrapping craze and was just as enduring.

  2. Looks like the Titan factory tooling consisted of a circular saw and a pop-rivet gun.

  3. it looks like the box your truck was delivered in

  4. Screas for an LS Swap and a restomod

  5. Yes indeed, it started life as a motorhome. http://www.bigdoer.com/7189/old-things/the-big-green-motorhome/


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