Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pipe Dream: 1975 Honda CB400F

The 70's were a hit parade of classic motorcycles from Honda.  After the success of the CB750 in convincing consumers that a bike should start each time and not leak oil all over the place, Honda brought out a full line of CB's.  In 1972 they brought out the CB350F, which used an exquisitely designed, small 350cc inline 4, but was under powered for American riders (even in the 70's).  In 1975 they upsized the motor to 408cc's and renamed it the CB400F.    Find this 1975 Honda CB400F for sale in Seattle, WA for $3,400 via craigslist.

The CB400F was powered by a 408cc inline 4 producing 37 hp at 8,500 rpm.  The contemporary road tests put its quarter mile time at 14.7 seconds and its top speed at 104 mph.  The coolest feature to me has to be the 4 into one exhaust pipes.  Who can resist a big chrome dinner fork on a bike.  This bike has its original pipes, which is a plus as they are constructed out of unobtainium.

Peak power was at 8,500 rpm, but the 400F redlines at 10,000.  It was equipped with a mild cam that made power thru the whole rev range and its said to scream like a banshee near the redline.  This bike has over 20,000 miles on it, but looks like its in good shape, after all that is only 500 miles a year over the last 41 years.

Honda sold over 105,000 CB400F's over its 4 year run.  Most were purchased as commuters and were well maintained like this one, so you have a good chance of finding one that isn't a rat for a reasonable asking price.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.


  1. The story goes that when Honda looked at the numbers, the 400F cost as much as the CB750 to produce - and good luck getting the same dollars for both. I have a '76 and it's a fun bike. It'll go fast enough to kill you, but it's nowhere near fast by modern measures. Honda still has decent parts support for their vintage bikes, and outfits like David Silver Spares, TTL400 and others have good reproduction parts available. SOHC4.net is full of useful advice from other owners. These bikes have a cult following in the UK - enough so that DSS (mentioned above) did / is doing a mass restoration of 50 bikes.

  2. Always liked the CB400F I shopped for one but never found one that was not beat or too much money.Yes they are cult bike here in the USA also and Honda does a very good job of having parts you need better then the other big 3.


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