Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mid Week Match-Up: A Used Car For An Ex-Head of State

When you are king, you get to wear the crown.  But the minute you abdicate to marry a divorcee socialite or because you've contracted some unknown disease from your concubine (Roman style) you become just another schmuck who needs a carriage to avoid the dust and dirt from the underclasses.  Gone is the parade of black bulletproof limousines, and instead you head to a local used car lot and pickup something blue for a few grand.  For today's Mid Week Match-Up the challenge is to find the perfect car for a recently removed prime minister or president.

My choice is a ride for soon to be President emeritus Barack Obama.  For a guy who has spend his entire political career trying to be nerdier than the next guy I think that the perfect Obama retirement vehicle is this sweet 1966 Ford E-Series Custom SuperVan bidding here on eBay for $12,599 with 5 days to go.

What car do you think the recently (or soon to be) deposed despots around the world should drive? Comments below.


  1. I saw this thing in the parking deck of the Golden Nugget last week in Las Vegas. It had just come Bonneville and had salt caked like snow up beneath the fenders. Seriously cool rig.

  2. Armored Lexus or better yet, to deal with DC traffic... Armored Hummer H1. Or he could just become a "good old boy"

  3. must be shooped, can't be Trump, hands are too big
    [image src=""/]

    kaibeezy, did you shoop that yourself? - i cannot tell a lie - also, i am running for president

  4. Road trip!!


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