Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lovely LaFayette: 1937 Nash LaFayette 400

Dream about sunny afternoons touring coastal towns with the salt air breeze blowing?  How about vineyard filled valleys with the scent of grape terpenes filling the cabin?  Maybe afternoon tea in blooming gardens with fresh scones and clotted cream?  This vintage motor carriage wouldn't look out of place in any of these locales.  Find this 1937 Nash LaFayette 400 for sale in Victoria, BC for $7900 CDN ($6015 USD at today's rate) via

Nash Motors and LaFayette Motors were two independent manufactures during the golden age of American automobile manufacturing.  In 1921, Charles W. Nash became president of LaFayette.  In 1924 Nash became the full owner of LaFayette Motors and subsequently retired the LaFayette brand.  1934 saw a revival of the LaFayette brand in the form of a smaller, less expensive model offering.  In 1937 Nash decided to merge the two names and the Nash Lafayette 400 was born.

The interior will take you back to a time of rich wood dashes and padded surfaces.  A full compliment of gauges was a rare sight in 1937; most cars were equipped with just a basic speedometer.  With the purr of the motor contributing to the driving experience who needs a radio?

A 234 CI straight 6 was standard equipment.  The carburetor was bolted directly to the cylinder head and air/fuel directed to each cylinder via internally cast runners.  Exhaust was similar; no manifold or collector, just a pipe bolted to the block.  Known as the Monitor-Sealed type of engine, this example puts out 90 HP which is just enough to allow relaxed cruising around the likes of the Monterey Peninsula or Napa Valley.

By no means is this a concours or perfect car...but perfect enough for lazy days of motoring around scenic locations and eclectic destinations.  Ice cream, afternoon tea, or antique shoppes...whatever your choice this car will get you there in style.  There was even a factory "Bed-in-a-Car" option where the interior seats transformed into a full sized bed for longer tours of duty.  Now we're talking road trip!   

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When not receiving complaints of "distracted by cars...again" from his wife, Glenn can be found in the kitchen whipping up exotic cuisine and nourishing nosh.


  1. Sweet cars of this era can still be bought cheap. At 62 I am no where old enough to ever want one, and when I am old enough I will question my ability to make such a decision. Still, sedately wafting along a 35mph marked, tree lined road, on a warm summer day, with huge SUV's wanting to do 70 right on your ass.....

  2. For some reason, I really like the rose on white color combo.


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