Friday, August 19, 2016

Lotta Smacks For Your Smackers: 2000 BMW 540i 6-Speed

Let's be honest, not everybody living on this rock hurtling through the infinite expanses of space has the fortitude or wherewithal to daily drive a BMW with 200k miles on the odometer. But you won't find a better 6-speed V8 sedan for less.  Find this 2000 BMW 540i 6-speed offered for $4,000 in Dallas, TX via craiglist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Sure, it has 200k miles on the odometer, and will probably cost some money each year in maintenance, but this thing offers a serious amount of bang for the buck, a huge scoop for the spondulix, a cornucopia for your get the picture...or do you?

Are you still skeptical?  Do you think that the 290 horsepower V8 (with 324 ft-lbs of torque) isn't going to be a thrill a minute compared to some pile of junk 4-banger that comes in other cars at this sub $5k price range?  What about the 6-speed manual gearbox -- in fact, I can't think of another 6-speed car you can get in the sub $5k range.  If you think this car is going to be a maintenance money pit, then you go ahead and drive a used Honda CRV with all of the other sheeple, and stay outta my fast lane.

See a better way to drive like a boss on intern's money?


  1. FYI, tried posting an image and crashed the site - fortunately i was able to delete the comment

    1. You seem to have the lucky ability to do that...

    2. it was a photo of very sad cat and me whining about my lost 540 - poignant

  2. Beautiful car. At $4K with 197K on the clock, either you have the buy of the decade, or a rolling resto. There is hope the car was maintained given that everything works. Take it on a long test drive to make sure the codes were not just cleared. I have owned several E-39/E46 1999-2008 cars and when there were no warning lights on I worried that the relay to light up the code was faulty. The 6spd makes it a fantastic, not much risk endeavor. If it was in NYC area I'd be on my way to drive it, Friday traffic or not.

  3. Was gonna try to do a decision tree but it was taking too damn long, so...

    If it's been parked indoors AND if it's had the cam chains and guides replaced it's a buy.

    If it's been parked indoors AND it HASN'T had the cam chains and guides replaced then you need to do so immediately ($800 in parts - plus parts markup and labor if you're paying someone to do it)

    If it's been parked outdoors and it's had the cam chains and guides replaced, inspect the door seals and etc. and if they suck then you can replace at your leisure ($500 parts plus...well, probably as much labor as the cam chains.)

    If it's been parked outdoors and it hasn't had the cam chains replaced - well, it's up to you but consider the above.

    1. Oh, don't worry about the windshield/rear window trims, those are cheap and easy. It's the door-window weatherstrip that matters.

  4. I think this one has been for sale for quite a while. I have a 540i running search on Dallas CL looking for a 2003 M Sport.


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