Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Just BeCos: 1986 Mercedes-Benz 190e Cosworth W201

Most cars at this price point are far from perfect and are far from done despite most seller claims. Buy and finish quickly is the siren song of the seller. Fall for the puffery and claims in any sales pitch at your own peril. While there are exceptions and great deals out there if you know what you are doing most cars for sale are for sale for a reason. Sellers truthfully admitting faults in their cars and posting pictures is refreshing. This Mercedes 190e Cosworth has no illusions of grandeur, but may be the quickest way to play Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft driver. Find this 1986 Mercedes 190e Cosworth for $5,800 on Cragslist in Stockton California.


The car is definitely a 30 footer from the front. Missing the front bumper and air dam means the hunt is on for parts. We all love a scavenger hunt. The original DTM or German Touring Car Championship was held from 1984-1996 and started with cars entered by privateer teams under FIA rules, but later included manufacturers teams. As anyone alive in the 80’s knows the 190e was a common sight, but the Cosworth, with distinctive body cladding, and better engine was the model to have. While no Evolution model the price of this example is well within reach of us mere mortals. This example is said to have its original stock body kit and spoiler with no cracks or dents. With over 1,800,000 examples leaving the factory finding the common bits should be easy. But the body kit and car could use painting.

Based on the 2.3 liter 8 valve 136 horsepower unit in the regular 190, Mercedes had Cosworth tune the engine. Developing custom light weight cylinder heads Cosworth put four valves per cylinder and made sure they were the largest size that could fit. Developing 185 horsepower from the four cylinders at 6,200 rpm acceleration was reportedly less than eight seconds. A five speed gearbox with dogleg first gear helps you play racer. All 2.3 models came equipped with a Limited Slip Differential as standard equipment. Seller indicates this is a matching numbers motor and has never been “rebuilt or messed with”. 

Original seats are reported to be intact which should find you in a comfortable spot behind the wheel. Recaro sport seats with strong side bolsters for front and rear passengers came standard in the car. Carpet and headliner are reportedly in good shape. For those who need it, the car passed smog in June and is California legal. All gauges work and the only parts not original are the rims.

See a better, lower priced example? Let us know in the comments or better yet email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com.

A refugee from the frozen north who loves running and watersports, Adam can be found looking for the next slow car to drive fast when he has access to electronics he hasn't immersed in liquids. He is an analog kid not a digital man.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, it is from Nate Diaz's home town and looks like it has been in as many fights!

    This looks like it could be fixed pretty easy if one gets creative with parts.

    A friend of mine has offered me a smoke silver 190e with a bad motor for $1000. I am tempted to pull the engine and try and have it rebuilt (and modified) but I am afraid it would just get more expensive than buying a nice running example.


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