Tuesday, August 9, 2016

G-Body Shuffle: 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst/Olds

Glory days, well they'll pass you by...Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye...Glory days, glory days.  Find this 1984 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds for sale near Miami, FL $9500 via craigslist.

While Bruce Springsteen was reminiscing about the old days with his seventh studio album, Oldsmobile stepped up to the plate and actually did something about it!  The RWD G-body platform available in 1983-84 allowed Oldsmobile to reach back and recreate a legend.  1968 was the first year for the Hurst/Olds collaboration between Oldsmobile & Hurst Performance but 1984 would be the last official year for the H/O factory produced model.  If you were pining for another H/O, in 1988 you could technically buy a new Cutlass Supreme Classic, an Aero Kit from Hurst, mash the 2 together and register the car with a Hurst issued VIN to have yourself one last kick at the can.

All '83-'84 models were factory equipped with a modified 307 CID V8, 3.73 rear axle gears, and Hurst's infamous Lightening Rod floor mounted shifter.  The rumble of duel exhaust left no doubt that this was not your garden variety Cutlass out on a milk run.  84' saw the addition of a stronger 8.5" rear axle.  180 HP wasn't going to give you the same neck-snapping performance of the late '60s, but the paint scheme and decals gave you that cool retro feel.

The seller claims 56K original miles and "one owner" status, but lately that phrase seems to get thrown around like litter at an outdoor rock festival.  The pictures look nice for the 32 years it has existed, but with only a 5 digit odometer there had better be some documentation to back up the lofty claim.  These cars were bought to be driven, and driven hard they were.

Personally, I prefer the reversed paint scheme on this 84 model.  The mostly black scheme in '83 was too close to Buick's sporty offerings of the same year.  While the Buick's are coveted more, a nice clean final production year Hurst/Olds like this example would find space in my garage any day!  Git yerself a red bandanna, crank up the tape deck, and start hollering...Born in the USA!!!

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When not receiving complaints of "distracted by cars...again" from his wife, Glenn can be found in the kitchen whipping up exotic cuisine and nourishing nosh.


  1. Please don't hate me for this, and for god's sake don't call me pedantic ... but ...
    It's DUAL exhaust. Duel is what German royalty do to settle a score, usually while sporting an enormous scar across one cheek.

    1. Dang nab it...gotta work on my proof reading! Thanks David!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Good looking car for 1984!

  3. Shifters are awesome! For a while I was obsessed with buying a Grand National. I just couldn't pull it off, too macho.

  4. Can anyone give the quick 10 second rundown on how that 3-lever shifter works? Looks like the controls for a piece of industrial equipment like a backhoe or something. I hope it's simpler than it appears.

    1. move the right shifter up = 2nd
      move the middle shifter up = 3rd
      move the left shifter up = OD
      So if you have all of them down you are in first and you bang gears by pushing up
      or you can just function the car most likely by having it in overdrive.
      [image src="http://store.oldsgmail.com/images/Custm%20TPBoot.jpg" width="400px"/]

    2. Thanks for the explanation. Cool, but seems excessive for a street car.


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