Tuesday, August 16, 2016

DT Radio Show: Doug Malewicki Talks Robosaurus, Evel Knievel & Fit at 75

Inventor, Engineer, and self-described "healthy geezer" Doug Malewicki joins us LIVE in the studio - we talk Robosaurus, Evel Knievel, Everest, Nuclear War, SkyTran, the Bonneville Salt Flats, staying Fit At 75, and bureaucrats ruining the world. CFlo returns for his news, and Producer Ben is conspicuous in his absence.

mm:ss By the minute

00:00 Introduce Doug Malewicki and the DT Crew
04:00 Doug talks about Nuclear War.
06:30 Doug talks about Sherpas hauling 18 6-packs of beer on his recent trip to Mt. Everest.
08:45 Fit at 75: 75 is the new 50, if you want it to be.
10:31 We talk about Robosaurus
16:31 Doug talks about Evel Knievel and building the X-1 Skycycle for jumping Snake River Canyon.
23:45 Doug talks about his patented Kitecycle invention.
27:10 We talk about SkyTran
38:30 We talk California Commuter, a 155 mpg recordbreaking high mileage machine in the 1980s.
46:30 We talk about Bonneville Salt Flats pedal records!
53:30 From the website
58:30 Shoulda Never Been Born (TM)...the game.
67:00 CFlos news.
82:00 We talk about what is happening next week.

Listen live on TalkRadioOne.com or via Tunein radio app for your phone (and search TalkRadioOne) at 7PM Pacific time (10PM Eastern) June 10th-- or listen anytime on PodBean or iTunes.

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