Friday, August 5, 2016

DT Monthly All-crossed-up Word Puzzle - 1st Edition

Were you paying attention to the news this week? Yeah, that's right, your main source of current events that matter: Daily Turismo. Test how well you were ignoring other aspects of your life with this DT crossword puzzle. Some past posts may be of help to you, others, however, are merely a distraction and a test how full of garbage your brain is.

This month's prize - a working radio out of a semi-functional 1971 Simca 1204.

The idea here is to have a monthly crossword, in which details from select posts throughout the month are buried, sometimes. The first correct posting mailed to matt@dailyturismo within 48 hours receives some random artifact from Matt's garage, mailed to their house free of appreciable cost.

Think you've got the least wrong? email us here:


  1. Simca radio? So even if you win, you still lose. Nice.


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