Friday, August 26, 2016

Damsel in Distress: 1964 Datsun SPL310 Fairlady

1960's Datsun Sports Roadsters have always caught my attention.  In the day, you could pick between numerous roadster offerings from the likes of MG, Triumph, Fiat, & Alfa Romeo, to name a few, but the Datsun was special.  Maybe it's because Datsuns were somewhat elusive and that gave it an air of mystery.  Regardless, the thought of touring in one through tree-lined roads in full fall foliage is tempting.  Find this 1964 Datsun SPL310 Fairlady for sale in Phoenix, AZ for $2,900 OBO via craigslist.

Certainly a project, this example looks to be in solid condition metal wise and has benefited from living life in Arizona.  While rust may be minimal, the sun has other was of deteriorating cars left to the desert elements. No interior shots are provided but my guess is a complete refresh would be required.  The intact hardtop is a nice extra.

Early Roadsters were built on Datsun's 223 truck platform.  The 1963 revamp is considered to be the first true sports car offering from Nissan as the Roadster was now based on on a modified Bluebird platform. This example would have left the factory equipped with a 85 HP dual carb inline 4 mated to a 4-speed manual transmission.  Standard equipment included a transistor radio, tonneau cover, map lights, and a clock.  1963-64 models also had a sideways third seat in the rear.

Pictures in the ad are limited to exterior shots and the description leaves more questions than answers.  Even so, rescuing a car like this has a certain appeal to it.  The challenge of slowly bring such a lady back to former glory and allowing her to strut her stuff once again gets my gears turning.   

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When not receiving complaints of "distracted by cars...again" from his wife, Glenn can be found in the kitchen whipping up exotic cuisine and nourishing nosh.


  1. These little ladies have a lot of potential with updates and improvements of all shapes and sizes from the newer Datsun lineup. This one looks pretty tired but nice to see so much still in place and not busted.

  2. Oh Vince....

    The only way you're going to tour "through tree-lined roads in full fall foliage" this year in this particular Lady is if you load her on the back of a trailer and your wife drives the tow car...

    Somewhere around 50 years old, something weird and magical happens to car guys... you realize you have less time, and more money (not a lot more money, to be sure, but, still...).

    Suddenly, cars that have all their parts and are actually running start to have much more appeal.

    Even if they *do* cost twice as much.


    An Old Fart (aka Stan)

    PS Hey, maybe there's an idea for a new DT feature/section: Old Farts With More Money Than Time...

  3. You pay for the provenance of buying from an elite collector. Some interesting items conserved by a naturalist auto collector.

    The artist probably spent many months getting the tires on the Fairlady to reflect the tortured soul of a fair lady relegated to the dusty side yard mocking her very name. The beautiful RR sits awaiting a concourse restoration befitting just how coveted this vintage Roller is. But is it indeed a roller?

  4. Responding as the new owner (as of today) and come this weekend she will be off to her new forever home. 2nd move shes had to make in the last 2 months +/- given at the time of this distress call she had been claimed and was in transit from the greater Tucson AZ area to where I found her on yet another Craigslist ad but within Central Phoenix this time. She was not without high aspiration during her last 2 month hiatus in the greater Phoenix valley but none were acted on and she sit still again tonight on those very same shredded tires. I will save the visions of her near future so as not to jinx any debut but rest assured she will be in good hands and receive a treatment an fairlady should...and then some.


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