Saturday, August 6, 2016

Can I Graduate?: 1988 Alfa Romeo Sypder Graduate

Compared to our Graduate featured here, most Italian roadsters on craigslist are in summer school, half-drunk and cramming for the finals, cracked out on energy drinks and beef jerky, with lots of work required for a promising future. Either that or they just finished their MBA and tricked someone into paying them heaps of money and are plain fiscally out of our league. On the contrary, find this clean cut and affordable recent Grad, a 1988 Alfa Romeo Graduate Spyder on craigslist in Port St. Lucie, FL for $4,450 via craigslist. Tip from dascpcu

Much of the fun of having an Italian car is the practice of converting your entire vocabulary to made-up Italian words. An oil change now becomes and changioticci di olivio, for example. You may brag about your exit of the parking lot via il grande dumpia di clutchatoli. This will never, ever get old to your friends. Ever. In addition to that, the fact remains that the people of Milan can make an open air roadster with a four cylinder that produces positive aural qualities. No offense Miata people, but we can all agree we wished our Miatas sounded like anything else.

There are no motor shots featured, however, given it runs and drives and gets 30mpg, there shouldn't be anything too horrifically scary under the bonnet. The Series 3 Spyders like this one got Bosch L-Jetronic instead of the old SPICA units which I'm told is a big plus. Although substantially more muted than two Weber DCOE 40's sucking in wasps and butterflies, the reliability of the L-Jet is of considerable value. The interior looks clean with no surprises. The carpet and seat covers look a bit aftermarket but maybe that's just how they are.

See a better way to get into a red Alfa Sypder without getting involved with your girlfriend's mom? email us here:


  1. An engine swapped Miata is the best car in the world at a track day. Why? because I don't have to listen to the Miata engine blatting around all day. It's a shame almost nobody shares Mazda's love of wishbones.


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