Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bumblebee and Creamsickle: Two 1974 Porsche 914 Limited Editions

The holy grail of Porsche 914 collecting isn't the 914-6 like you might, the 914-6 is great, but too expensive, and it isn't the Bumblebee or Creamsickle.  In 1974 Porsche released the Can-Am inspired Bumblebee and Creamsickle as limited edition cars for North America with production of less than 1000 in total.    Find these two 1974 Porsche 914 Limited Editions offered for an undisclosed price in Denver, CO via craigslist.

Both Limited Edition 914s were well equipped with front/rear anti-roll bars, leather steering wheel, vinyl delete from the targa bar, and a center console with additional gauges, but Creamsickle variant was covered in cream color paint with Phoenix red trim over the lower valence, bumpers and Mahle wheels -- it looks reminiscent of the '73 911 Carrera RS paint scheme.

The Bumblebee was covered in black paint with Sunflower yellow accent paint on the valences and wheels. Both of these cars are complete basket cases, but it isn't like you find Limited Edition Porsche 914s just sitting around for sale.  Take a peek at the Can-Am 914 registry to see how many of these things still exist.


  1. Keep in mind that a 914 can have fatal amounts of rust that you can't even see, and these have rust in places that are the last places you'd expect to see rust on a 914. Also the only part unique to the SE cars is the front valence which is missing on both of these. Other than that the LE is just a paint and option variation and it's hard to imagine a car as far gone as these contributing enough originality other than the VIN. If they were a famous racecar wrecks or had some interesting provenance like the 914 that was first F1 Safety Car I saw last weekend I could see it being interesting in a george washington's hammer ( 5 handle replacements and 2 head replacements) sort of way.

    1. Even nice 914's scare me. Any car that has a well-known repair procedure for a place called the hell-hole sort of makes me want to run.


      Everyone needs a hell hole.

  2. those poor little buddies! Man they are in sad shape.


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