Thursday, August 25, 2016

Astonishingly Nice: 1977 Executive Chief Motorhome

When you see a motorhome from the late 1970s, you always assume that the interior is a festering cesspit of moldy shag carpet and unspeakable detritus.  If the seller describes it as "mint" you assume it is the color and not the state of being free from excessive bacteria...however, this next thing is the exception that proves the rule.  Find this 1977 Executive Chief Motorhome offered for $12,000 near Denver, CO.  Tip from Mike.

Executive launched in the early 1970s with a number of Class A and Class C motorhomes, and it is now part of the Monaco Coach Company.  This Executive Chief is 25 feet long, has a bathroom in the back, and is described as museum quality. 

See a better way to start your own mobile shrine to the 70s?


  1. Is that the toilet in the living room? I'm guessing any buyer won't be using it, but yikes. I remember these well, as my family owned one when I was a little boy. My father stopped at a motorhome dealer to get a part for our Winnebago and ended up trading for one of these!

  2. Few knew that Carol Brady was the real breadwinner of the family. Spreading her love of avocado appliances and counter tops as an interior designer for Executive Motorhomes. As soon as the kids left for school,she would commute over to Anaheim where she would consult for a few hours, then race back home before the kids got home from school. Thus, protecting Mike's fragile ego while also raising the bar for all mothers of the '70s.

    1. if you think that's avocado... wait for it, might be tomorrow

      it's all Brady Brady Brady in the news this week - Jan selling her house in Malibu - a break-in at the TV house - Hunsbloger blogging - what's next? - Tiger gets thawed out from cryopreservation?

  3. See America, one slow lumbering mile at a time. It is great to see it so well kept. Very 70's. Not a good thing.

  4. Be nice to know what motor is in it does have a Dodge style Van shifter from late 60's

    1. Hopefully a 440, pray its not a 383 or, gasp, a 318.

  5. "Museum quality"... how does something like this survive in this condition for so long? It's baffling.


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