Monday, August 8, 2016

A Bright Star: 1989 Subaru XT6

There is a certain niche in late model classics cars that aren't particularly fast or engaging to drive, but they are interesting nonetheless.  Think Audi Quattro, Ford EXP, Cadillac Allante, Chevrolet Fiero...but one of my favorites (from an aesthetic point of view) has got to be Subaru's XT/XT6 which was a predecessor to the Subaru SVX and went by the name Alcyone in Japan. Find this 1989 Subaru XT6 here on eBay bidding for $1,500 reserve-not-met with 2 days to go, located in Middleburg, FL.

Without knowing the reserve, it is difficult to determine conclusively if this particular XT6 is going to be a good deal, but it has better photos than the average fuzzy craiglist XT6, I can see the license plate, and it runs/drives without sketchy issues.

In a sea of similarly shaped jelly bean cars of the 1980s, the XT was a breath of fresh air from Subaru and strangely a head-turner on the road today...probably because people are so surprised to see it still on the road.  The 2.7 liter ER27 flat-6 puts 145 horsepower into the front wheels via a 4-speed automatic gearbox (although 4WD was an available, and commonly selected, option).

On the inside we can see an aircraft inspired cockpit setup and a set of those terrible neck-chopping automatic seatbelts from the 80s.  It is amazing to think that a single human being (muchless the entire automotive industry and safety nazis) ever thought that an automatic seat belt with separate lap belt was a better/safer alternative to a fixed shoulder belt setup. 

 See a better car for looking cool while driving slow?


  1. Its the interior that really sells these cars.

  2. Okay, never liked these much, and the robobelts kill the whole thing flat dead.

  3. Think Audi Quattro, Ford EXP, Cadillac Allante, Chevrolet Fiero... Shouldn't this read Volkswagen Quattro, Mercury EXP, Lincolin Alllante(only because GM only has one "luxury" brand), Chevrolet Fiero...?
    How does someone who writes for a car blog "write" so poorly and maintain their job?

    1. gives me an idea for a Twister: cars where their name would have been better if made by a different company

      - Saturn Jupiter
      - Dodge Bullet
      - Holden Cobra
      - Alfa Romeo Sierra Echo
      - Seat Probe

  4. Not sure what the flambe is regarding, Anonymous:
    From 1982 to 1983, the Ford EXP was sold by Lincoln-Mercury dealers as the Mercury LN7.
    Lincoln is made by Ford not GM so Cadillac Allante is correct
    While Audi has always used the term "quattro", Volkswagen-branded cars initially used "syncro", but more recently, VW uses "4motion"

  5. Does this bumper make my butt look big?

  6. Chevrolet Fiero? C'mon! I thought Saturn made the plastic Fiero!

    1. FWIW...
      Pontiac drops the fire-plagued Fiero

      To keep product development costs in check, the Fiero's underpinnings were culled from GM's massive parts bin -- the Chevy Chevette’s front suspension, the Chevy Citation’s rear engine cradle, and a low-performance, 2.5-liter "Iron Duke" four-cylinder engine.

  7. This is actually my first car that I owned back in NY. My dad worked for a Subaru dealership and saved this car from ending up in a junk yard back in 2002. He fixed it up and gave it to my sister, who then passed it down to me.
    I later sold it to a young man in the Navy who was stationed in Virginia.
    He then later sold it to someone in Florida who then reconditioned it.
    Anyone know if this car was ever sold? I would love a chance to speak to the current owner. So many memories with this car! What a ride it was!


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