Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ride it or hide it: 1973 Kawasaki F6

The tag line for Motorcycle Classics magazine is "Ride them, don't hide them".  With our next subject, the original owner seems to have chose the hide it option. I've always said that classic motorcycles are cheap to buy right now, so here's the optortunity to get in on the ground floor for appreciation (if that is your thing).  Find this 1973 Kawasaki F6  with 248 miles on it for sale in Seattle, WA for $1,850 via craigslist.

The Kawasaki F6 was equipped with a 125cc two stroke single producing around 14 hp on a bike that weighed around 245 lbs.  Besides the obligatory oil injection, so that you didn't have to mix your own gas & oil, Kawasaki enduros of this period sported a unique enclosed carb in the engine case.  The ad mentions that this bike needs some carb work, which is surprising, given it's low miles and condition.  I doubt it's seen E10.

Because it only has 248 miles, this bike is super clean, down to its non-oily exhaust baffle.  The guys that suggest wheeled transport for bringing stuff home would probably geek out on the period correct air in the tires.

The ad mentions that the bike was kept in temperature controlled storage all its life. It seems to be for sale buy a flipper second owner.  I wonder what it's story from the original owner is?  I can't imagine buying it and storing it all these years as an investment vehicle.

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.  He falls in the ride 'em camp.


  1. With the frequency that these reasonably priced, decent quality, old Jap bikes get posted on here, I'm considering moving to the PNW.
    Stuff like this appears in my neck of the woods, totally neglected and missing half the parts for around the price that this one is going for

  2. I had one of these but the 350 KW in the 70's, it was a great bike, nice frame for a 6 footer and enough power to get out of the way of fast cars and trucks. Very well balanced and great fun to ride.

  3. I bought a new 74 Suzuki TS185 for around $800.00 out the door. Like this one with the clean low miles but the other Jap 3 made better bikes @ the time.


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