Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Projected Success: 1961 Sunbeam Alpine

I hate it when someone is selling a project car (aka pile of junk) but he/she asks just a few bucks below the price of a nice car.  Because you stored this car and let it crumble into the earth, now you expect someone else to pay you for the right to restore it?  Nope.  Cars that need to be towed home or ran when borked should be priced appropriately...and when I say appropriately I mean like 1/10th of the price for a condition #1 version of the same car.  Find this 1961 Sunbeam Alpine offered for $2,400 in Reseda, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

The Sunbeam is parked in the paved back "yard" just next to the above ground swimming pool -- these are my kinda people...but who knew that Reseda was actually in Kentucky.  It doesn't matter, because the asking price is good...and you are buying a car, not looking for a bride for your first born son.

Is that a crank handle poking out of the front end?  Did the Rootes group really sell cars in the 1960s with hand starting option? And what is that little bracket/step-stool attached to the front valence...I am so confused by this front end...but all the BBQ grills is making me hungry for lunch.

See another project offered for a proper project price?


  1. I remember being about 4 or 5, the guy down the hill had one of these. I saw the crank and asked what it was. He said that's how you started it! I didn't believe him, and asked him to show me. He did! Even at that age, I was surprised!

  2. Well, as Tom Petty put it:

    It's a long day, livin' in Reseda
    There's a freeway, runnin' through the yard

    Or in this case, a traffic jam.

  3. I own this exact car. it now resides in Bend oregon and it's restoration is to begin soon.

  4. I own this exact car. it now resides in Bend oregon and it's restoration is to begin soon.


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