Monday, July 4, 2016

Make America Crate Again: 1947 Jeep CJ Custom

People in furrin countries often accuse Americans of being loud, obnoxious, environmentally unfriendly, and callous about safety...well all of those sissified, tree hugging, peace loving, safety freaks can suck it, because today is the 4th of July. Find this 1947 Jeep CJ Custom offered for $17,500 in Hollis, NH via craigslist.  Tip from Bardzik The Great.

If people in the USA want to slow down the flow of migrants looking for greener pastures, forget about building a wall, and instead built more of these things.  Imagine for a minute that you call for an Uber on your smartphone and this thing shows might decide that the Republic of Uzbekistan is actually a really nice place to live. 

Powering this thing is a 383 cubic inch Chevy small block with a mild cam and headers that have a cutout port just in front of the passenger's face.  The fumes you breath while riding in this thing are 10 times worse than the air back home in Delhi and you've got no room for your family...seriously...a country full of these wouldn't be very popular at all.

See another way to make America crate again?


  1. I think those sneaky flat black pipes that exit from the bottom of the big, showy header pipes, actually dump the exhaust aft of the passenger compartment. Kind of a bad-assery bait and switch, although probably much safer...which actually seems even more American to me, strangely.

  2. I like the raised white lettered tires. I used to teach elementary school and instructed my students to say one nice thing about what they experienced, even if it was a very small thing.

    1. I like the hand-grenade grip, and the .50 calibre ammo box center console. NH license plate slogan fits this to a T. Happy 4th of July from your friends up north.


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