Friday, July 1, 2016

Coffee Brake: Daily Turismo Car Pack

Video game manufacturers have figured out that not only can they sell you a game at $60 a pop, they can further "monetize" you with paid downloadable content (DLC).  The Forza Motorsport franchise on Xbox has been doing this with it's monthly car packs.  A couple of notable sites on the inter-tubes such as Jalopnik and The Smoking Tire have had Forza car packs along with industry vendors such as Meguiar's, eBay Motors and even Hot Wheels.  Which got me thinking: what would a Daily Turismo Car Pack look like? Note:  this is just idle thinking, there is no Daily Turismo Car Pack for Forza Motorsport coming out.

Thanks Forza Motorsport/AllKindzaGains
I asked some of the writers here at DT what they would include in a Daily Turismo DLC, and here's what the ones that responded with something other than a restraining order picked:

  • Volvo 242 (though they already had this in an earlier pack, so let's just say a V8-swapped mint green early 242 with round headlights and a flat hood)
  • Buick Roadmaster wagon
  • Mini Camaro (VW based kit car)
  • BMW 2002 (1976 square taillight model; cheapest available, with bumpers removed)
  • Toyota Corolla All-Trac wagon
  • Subaru BRAT with an electric conversion
  • Volvo 1800ES

  • Mercedes W123 Diesel 
  • BMW E36 M3
  • V12 BMW M5


  • NA Miata
  • Pontiac Solstice coupe
  • Saab 99 EMS
  • LeBaron woody convertible
  • Mexican Renault Alpine
  • Pinto wagon with portholes
  • Dodge Omni GLH
  • Subaru SVX with manual swap
  • 944 shooting brake

KBZ noted that they've also had track packs as DLC's so he nominated the following tracks for a DT Track Pack:
  • Subdivision
  • Ring road
  • Office park
  • El Camino Real dragstrip
He also suggested the following challenge race events:
  • Subdivision to Ring road to Office park GP
  • Dad out to Izzy's for more bagels El Camino Real drag race
  • Tie plywood to the roof 500
Thanks Forza Motorsport/SpeedDemon0388

So what 7 cars would you nominate for a Daily Turismo car pack?  Post it in the comments below.


  1. 1970 MGB roadster with a ported 12a from an FB RX7 and the 5 speed from an RX4.
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. From the land of the saltwater crocodile:
    - Aussie Falcon XY GTHO Phase III
    - Holden Torana A9X and SLR5000
    - Bolwell Nagari
    - HSV Clubsport
    - FPV F6

    '63 Galaxie in '63-64 Brit saloon racer Willment/Sears form.

    Lotus/Vauxhall Omega.

    1. Give me a while to think on small-engine stuff, or maybe that Goggomobil with the Stalin-era air-cooled radial...

  3. Kaibeezy, lol on the Pinto wagon with portholes. I used to see those around when I was a kid in the last century...

  4. Kaibeezy, lol on the Pinto wagon with portholes. I used to see those around when I was a kid in the last century...

  5. Stanley steamer
    Tommy Ivo showboat
    Unimog with backhoe and frontloader
    Hop rod (google it , I want one so bad)
    One of those 8 wheel drive v12 Tatra trucks

  6. Oh crap one just sold on eBay

  7. The rarest of them all, the Goliath?



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