Monday, July 18, 2016

1933 Ford Victoria Coupe, err...Roadster

You can't exactly compile a list of the best car from the past 100 years without including the little Deuce Coupe made famous by the Beach Boys...but Matt found an awesome Packard Standard Eight for I'm doing the next best thing, which is a rodded '33 Vicky.  Find this 1933 Ford Victoria Coupe offered for $33,000 in Flagler Beach, FL via craigslist.  This post is part of DT's 2016 Birthday Celebration of 100 cars; enjoy the ride!

I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure how much of an actual '33 Ford was involved in the building of this custom monster, because most of the shell is built from fiberglass and the engine is a 350 cubic inch Chevy V8 mated to an automatic gearbox.

Ed CFlo: technically this is a roadster and isn't a Victoria Coupe at all. The "Vicky" was sort of an abbreviated, fastback 2-door sedan. They look like this:

Photo from

See another cliche for sale?

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