Sunday, July 31, 2016

A 90% Complete Mess: 1964 Datsun 320 Pickup

When people say something is 90% complete, as the seller does in this case, what metric are they using? Is this by mass? By volume? Ideal number of pieces divided by pieces actually present? This yardstick for completion is a pretty important thing to understand when purchasing a vehicle that was likely someone else's parts car. Find this 1964 Datsun 320 Pickup for sale in San Jose, CA for a paltry $750 via craigslist.

You Little Trucker: 1966 Austin Mini turned Kenworth

The long term effects of amphetamines and barbiturates, the tool of the 1970's trucker, and a dabble of LSD can be studied using this rolling Rorschach test. Likely devised while licking the last bit of truck-stop cheese grits from the bowl in a 4AM meth-and-Jolt induced fog, this rig, let's call it the Waste-ern Star, was comprised of one half Austin Mini and one half of a lifetime of bad decisions. Find this 1966 Austin Mini turned Peterbilt on craigslist in Dallas for an undisclosed price.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Pace Yourself: 1989 IROC-Z Players Challenge Series Race Car

By Glenn -- For those of us who like cruise around town stealthily there are hordes of vehicles to serve that need. For those of us who like to stand out, a factory street legal race car can fit the bill nicely! Find this 1989 IROC-Z Players Challenge Car near Vancouver, BC via Craigslist for $19000.00 CDN ($14450.00 USD at today's rate).

Gift Horse: 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider

Alfa's evergreen spider was launched at the 36th Geneva Auto Show in March of 1966 and stayed in production until the last one was sold in 1994.  The venerable spider went thru 4 updates throughout its life, some more successful that others.  Find this 1982 Alfa Romeo Spider for sale in Friday Harbor, WA for $1,000 via craigslist.

What are you hiding on the other side?

DT Radio Show: Sean Lee From The Purist Group

Vince, Cflo, and Ashley are joined by Sean Lee from the Purist Group and an actual reader!! We talk cool cars and philanthropy. In the second segment we discuss track day cars and Mrs. Cflo calls in to tell us how the search for the new Cflo family wagon is going. And Cflo has news… Enjoy! Listen anytime on PodBean or iTunes.

Charged Up: 1981 Ford Escort Jet Electrica

The US version of the Ford Escort was not as well loved as the European version, which is a cult classic over on the other side of the world...but the US Escort was about as forgettable as a mild case of hand, foot and mouth disease.  Find this 1981 Ford Escort Jet Electrica here on eBay for $1,000 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Hamilton, OH.  Tip from SeanT.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Your Own Beat-up: 1987 Ford Tempo AWD

By Matt -- In the 1980’s, Ford USA was in the process of putting together an FIA Group B rally program to rival the RS2000 project from across the Atlantic. With an all-iron single-turbo 2.8 liter V6, four driven wheels, and a tufted velour front bench, the homologation Tempo was planned for a limited production run of 500. Ford, not able to make the close ratio dog-leg 5 speed transaxle and locking center differential live in rally conditions, abandoned all but the homologation special, with all performance-oriented features deleted except the AWD system. I hope you’ve enjoyed this completely falsified, revisionist history. Find this 1987 Ford Tempo AWD with absolutely no racing pedigree, for sale in Denver, CO for $750.

Off Center: Asymmetry Game

DT faithful, here is the name of the game:  Simply find cars that have asymmetrical (off-center) bulges or ducts on them.  These are generally for cooling, air intake or clearance, but they could be ornamental. No after-market parts, please. Provide the make & model and post a sample pic in the comments. Below is an example of each:

Studebaker Avanti with an off-center hood bulge

E34 Project: 1991 BMW M5

 The E34 M5 was a bargain a few months ago, but the prices have shot up as folks realized that BMW didn't make many of these fantastically fast muscle sedans...and all the E30 M3 & E28 M5s are monstrously priced.  Find this 1991 BMW M5 offered for $5,500 in Pocatello, ID via craigslist.  Tip from Chris.

Renault Anymore: 1960 Henney Kilowatt

In an effort to avoid being too predictable, I sometimes feel the urge to post random cars that aren't affordably priced Porsche 914s, Datsun 240Zs, or some kind of boxy Volvo.  Obviously, a good deal on a some well known classic is always a good thing, but what about the odd balls?...what about the Renault family sedans that were converted to electric power from 1959-1960?  Find this 1960 Henney Kilowatt offered for $10,000 in Nesconset, NY via hemmings.

Follow the Liter: 1989 Daihatsu Charade

By Matt -- One of the undervalued thrills in life is trying to wring the last bit of speed out of something designed with a completely intent in mind. Daily tasks like passing or merging, taken for granted by those who drive supercars in excess of one-hundred-forty horsepower, are life events requiring significant planning ahead, followed by the feeling of heroic accomplishment in the face of adversity. Go flat-to-the flo' everywhere you go in this 1989 Daihatsu Charade on San Francisco craigslist for $2,500 or trade.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Suspended Animation: 1975 Porsche 914 1.8l

If you look at a running/driving example of a Porsche 914, it really doesn't seem that old...but consider a few facts from the year this Porsche left the factory; the Watergate scandal was running its course through the defunct Nixon administration with jail sentences being handed out to various cat burglars and cover up artists, the Vietnam War ended with the total evacuation of US forces from Saigon, Mozambique/Angola/Timor gain independence from Portugal, Jimmy Hoffa goes missing, the Louisiana Superdome opens for business, British Leyland Motor Corp becomes nationalized by the British government, Francisco Franco relinquishes his spot as head of state in Spain...all of these things sound so far in the past that NOW this car seems ancient.  Find this 1975 Porsche 914 offered for $4,500 in Tahoe City, CA via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Thursday Twister: Badges From The Birthday

In case you missed the crazy DT birthday celebration from last week, let me give you a quick recap.  We published 100 cars in 5 days, with a focus on iconic designs from each year/decade/era.  DT's logo guru Kaibeezy put together an awesome set of badges/graphics for this celebration and I didn't want to miss the chance to investigate those pixels a bit. In case you wanted to know more about the badges, we've put together this quiz -- and the person with the best answers gets a prize.

Water Cooled Winner: 1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet

By Glenn -- Okay...I am just going to come out and say it...water cooled transaxle Porsches are the next big thing. Long considered the black sheep of the family, recent market activity tells me these oft overlooked water pumpers are about to come into their own. Limited edition specimens like the RS & Club Sport variations are already heading for the stratosphere. Find this 1994 Porsche 968 Cabriolet near San Francisco, CA for $18995 via craigslist.

Blue Thursday: 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ

To the average guy walking down the street, they probably won't take a second glance at a 20 year old Jeep Cherokee, but to a certain subset of the population, this next feature is the bee's knees.  Personally, I'm ambivalent and would probably get a 4Runner if I needed a 4X4 SUV...but, why drive boring when you can drive turismo?  Find this 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport XJ here on eBay bidding for $6,001 with 3 days to go, located in Woodbury, NJ.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Don't Call It Oldsmoboat: 1992 Oldsmobile Toronado

Production of the Oldsmobile Toronado started in 1966 with a revolutionary (for the time) front-wheel-drive architecture that put a massive V8 engine over the front wheels.  The car was comfortable, easy to drive in the snow, and free from the typical driveshaft / transmission hump that was usually present in the full sized cars of the day.  You might not be able to do donuts or get your drift on, but for the typical personal luxury car buyer this wasn't a problem, and so the same basic setup lasted through 1992.  Find this 1992 Oldsmobile Toronado here on eBay bidding for $3,050 reserve-not-met located in Elizabethtown, PA with 1 day to go.

Mid Week Match-Up: Three Pedals For PhiLOL

Todays Mid Week Match-Up request comes from DT contributing writer PhiLOL who writes: Life is short, and I'm bored with my car. My budget is around $6,500. Mrs. PhiLOL has already given her blessing to a healthy NB Miata, which would surely meet my needs. That said, this price point is home to everything from LT1 Corvettes to Integra GSRs to 944s, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something wonderful.  Non-negotiable: four wheels, three pedals. Preferred: at least as safe as an NA Miata (so rickshaws are out of the question). Bonus: a back seat.

Fleet Sale: 1972 Triumph TR6

Brand loyalty is something that scheming marketing folks are always trying to tap into, but seldom will you find this in the private vehicle-to-vehicle sales world.  However, if you've ever purchased a car from a trustworthy fellow, you know how rewarding that can be, so it makes sense to buy more from the guy...right? Who knows if this seller is trustworthy, but the last feature was his reasonably priced Volvo 122S, and you can also buy his 1972 Triumph TR6 offered for $4,700 in Mechanicsburg, OH via craigslist. Tip from Hunter.

Swedish Fire Chief: 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon

The Volvo 122S is one of those underdog classics that won't get you first prize at the next Concours d' Eggplant or even a Friday night domestic car show (gotta be a Chevy or Ford...sorry) but, pound for pound, it will get you more smiles per mile than most.  Find this 1964 Volvo 122S Amazon offered for $3,700 in Mechanicsburg, OH via craigslist.  Tip from Hunter.