Monday, June 6, 2016

Seller Submission: 1979 Chevrolet P10 Shorty Step Van

With the prices of Divco Milk trucks going through the roof, it makes sense to find an alternative way to cruise around in a cool looking vintagey delivery van without spending all of your hard earned cash.  Chevrolet built a mutli-stop delivery van back in the day that they called the Step Van with the designation P10 and prices aren't that bad.  Find this 1979 Chevrolet P10 Shorty Step Van offered for $4,995 in Burlington, WA via hemmings.  Seller submission from Mike.

Good information on the P10 chassis Chevrolet Step Van isn't readily available on the web for whatever reason, so you need to dig deep into places like the where they have scanned copies of vintage brochures.  According to this 1979 Truck Vehicle Information Kit, the P10 is a version of the C10/K10 and was available with 292 cubic inch inline-6 power only from the factory.

This particular P10 is running a 327 cubic inch V8 and automatic transmission swapped from an older Corvette, so it should be much quicker than stock.  With a little work this truck would make a great retro delivery van for a small business or fun vehicle for camping/RVing.

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