Monday, June 13, 2016

Mobile Flop House: 1979 Dodge Camper Van

Someday you may realize that most restrictions on your freedom are self imposed. The options available to you for spending your time are far greater than your usual choices. You just need new, freer persona with the courage to explore them. And the right equipment.  Find this 1979 Dodge Camper Van for sale near Denison, IA for $2,500 via craigslist.

Your neighbors are going to think you are some kind of creeper when this van shows up in your driveway, but you don't care.  You are free to distance yourself from those fools anytime you want now. While you are away you can get bombed out of your gourd downtown and sleep it off in a parking spot.  You'll wake up feeling like warmed-over death, but with a wallet full of money and a valid driver's license.      

The decor in this machine was inspired by your grandma's house, but this ain't the Ritz.  It's a hideout on wheels for your new alter ego and he does not care about such things.  The new you is spontaneous and answers to nobody.  When you road trip, you don't pay for campsites. You use church parking lots. You may feel the need to start your weekend a few hours early.  That's cool 'cause you drove this van to work and you have it ready to go straight to the beach. 

Tailgating? You do that better than anyone else, too.  Let other people's high-dollar rigs entertain you with their big outdoor screens and sound systems. You paid the price of admission, so you can party in situ the night before and use your new carefree attitude to scam brewskis like a bandito.  Congratulations. You've arrived.

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  1. Seems rather inexpensive for the condition, doesn't it ?
    Anyone else smell anything ?...just curious....


  2. A friend of mine who own's about 45 motorcycles picked up same vintage Dodge van for $1500 then resold it 24 hour's later for 3K Wheeler Dealer !

  3. In my peer group there are some friends that are all buying Mercedes sprinters because - in their words - "you can take your family and stuff to the beach in it"
    Another friend has an older ford f250 econoline that also can take your kids and stuff to the beach, only for $45,000 less.
    Brings up the same topic with VW westys. For a fraction of the price one can pick up Toyota or Honda Odyess.

    1. Yes, but think of how much money they save by having a Diesel!


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