Thursday, June 23, 2016

Military Mutt: Mongrel Military Green Concept Car

What does Uncle Sam have in mind for the next generation of fighting vehicles?  This project offers some unique insight into the question. From here it looks pretty awesome. And ugly. Find this Mongrel Military Green Concept Car here on eBay here for sale in Suffolk, VA for $12,500.

Was there a clandestine military project titled "If Looks Could Kill?" If so, maybe this thing was first runner-up for the contract. There aren't a whole lot of immediately recognizable parts on this vehicle. From this angle, it looks like a Dodge Dakota might have been the cab donor. Anyone out there have a better guess? The rest seems to be some custom-molded pieces that don't fit very well. Under that cobbled-together exterior is (or at least was) some pretty amazing technology. 

According to the ad, this vehicle possessed seemingly supernatural capabilities. A combined 536 horsepower from the electric motors, silent running ability, magneto-rehological dampening, and active ride leveling properties are mentioned. Some key components, such as the generator and F-111 joystick(!) have been removed. Maybe if you find a new generator at a surplus store and repurpose your old Nintendo Power Glove you can have the old girl up and running again.   

Something tells me it would not be that easy, though. A million and a half dollars in development went into this vehicle and interfacing with the information-age drive, suspension and steering components will likely require some pretty advanced know-how. Pull it off, however, and you may just have one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the world. And one of the ugliest.   

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  1. I think that's a Ram crew cab - and when I clicked on the link, I expected to see somebody had simply made a "cab truck" style rock crawler out of a Ram. I was not expecting the mechanical bits to be even more bizarre than the bodywork.

  2. Once you view the (eBay)'See other items,' it all starts to make sense.

    1. Is it the Too Wong Foo VHS that connected the dots or Best Little Whorehouse in Texas?

  3. that was a Dakota cab,, the rest is proof that "the war on drugs" is a failure

  4. Well the seller says it represents 1.5 million in engineering effort.

    All I can think to do with it is make it into an electric drag car.


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