Sunday, June 26, 2016

Excellent Shape: 1992 Acura Legend

Another minty clean Honda/Acura with an automatic?  Sure, why not -- it isn't like you find mint condition cars from 1992 with only 45k miles on the odometer I think the slushbox can be forgiven.  Find this 1992 Acura Legend offered for $13,000 in Fremont, CA via craigslist.  Tip from KBZ.

In 1986 Honda released the Legend to a hungry public via its newly unveiled Acura dealership network.  The Legend was the top of the line for Acura and featured a transverse mounted V6 mated to the front wheels and shared development of its platform with the Rover 800 and Sterling 825-- but in the second generation (1991-1995) the engine was re-oriented to be longitudinal, but still front wheel drive. 

The Legend was available with a manual gearbox (5-speed or 6-speed depending on year and version) but this example has the slushbox...certainly nicer for a commute, but not as engaging for the driver.

See another clean red modern classic?


  1. These were easily among the best big front-drivers ever built.

    If you'll look at the side view you'll note it has real-car proportions, with the front wheels well forward, something quite atypical in FWD vehicles and which also helps mightily with weight distribution.

    That said, I much prefer the sedan. And at that price point you could have two decent E39s.

    1. Agreed, it is such a well balanced design with great proportions. Not sure the red does the best justice for the shape though.

      Yes, I find my self comparing the price of everything to that of an e39 m5. It is not a fair fight!

    2. The last time I stopped by the local pick-n-pull there were two E39s in their cars-for-sale section, a 525i and a 540i. Both were marked around $2200. Neither was anything like perfect, but both were straight and neither had a disastrous interior.

  2. This price and the seller are delusional. Yes, it is very likely this car is the nicest example you will find without extensive searching and a bit of luck, but $13K is still unrealistic.

    This car with these miles would have been worth that price back around 2000, but not today. The seller's claim that it won't depreciate but will only appreciate in value is laughable. If you spend $13K to buy this car, you are the ONLY person who will pay that for it. You are then a market of one. Fine if you don't mind paying too much and never plan to sell it. But if you try to find a buyer, plan on taking a MASSIVE hit.

    For curiosity sake, I ran a KBB on it and I tried to max out the value with every option and excellent condition. It came back at about $4100. Even if KBB is low, the most you really could get for this car is about $6K, or roughly half what is being asked.

    Dream on, seller. This may be a great car, but it is not, and will not become, collectible. If any Legend ever attains that status (unlikely), it will be a perfect first generation version. I know because I owned a 1990 in better condition than this car with just 48K on it. Picked it up in 1997 for $12K. A fair price at the time. If I had time capsuled it and was lucky, it would maybe be worth half that today.

    Do I even need to get into how big a load of horsesh*t the claim of "Acura dealers will ask between $19,900 and $24,900" for this car is? Dealers are greedy and dumb, but none are that insane.

    Not sure why this listing has irritated me to the point of ranting this much. My bad.

  3. zzzzzzzzzz........whoa what happened...I fell asleep...oh an Acura Legend......zzzzzzzzzz

  4. that's beautiful car, and far better looking than the 1st gen. I remember the first time I saw one of these; I did a double-take because it was such a handsome car, and yeah, the coupes ore far better looking than the sedans; I think they di have some collector value upside in the not too distant future but I also think I could buy a lot more car than this for 13large but half that would be a fair price this.


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