Thursday, June 2, 2016

DT Needs You: A Call For Writers

Are you a writer, artist, blogger, car guy, car gal, and/or lover of custom El Caminos?  Great, because Daily Turismo needs you.  This is a call for more contributing writers.  What do you get?  A byline on one of the fastest growing car blogging websites this side of Pork-n-Beemers dot com, and maybe your own business cards if you play your cards right.

What kind of qualifications do you need?  Well...nothing really, it is just a matter of having a pulse and being able to write for/about cars.  Interested?  Apply by sending a writing sample post (you can write in the typical DT review style, or totally your own thing -- we don't care) to, we will run it through our patented blog-o-rama measurement device (TM) and send back a package of ridicule and corrections.  If this seems like fun to you, we will add you as a Daily Turismo contributor and get you onto the DT team.

Don't fancy yourself a writer, but have other skills?  Great!  Send us a note and describe your other skill (such as playing the ukelele one-handed or being able to speak "goat") and how it will help DT.  We could use experts on social media.

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