Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bug-A-Mino: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup

From Adam -- What will survive a nuclear holocaust? A Volkswagen Bug. What is more Southern than a pickup truck? Nothing. This mash up is a win, win for everyone in the family. For $8,000.00 or trade this piece of exquisite engineering can be yours. Located in Dandrige TN, this 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Pickup is ready to come home.

Mount some seats backwards in the short bed and let/make the kids watch the wonder that is the Type 1 engine get to work.  I just hope you live in a dry weather state.

There is truly some thought put into this rework of available parts. A custom bed transforms this 1966 Beetle into what the seller calls in the video a freedom machine! A front end stretched 10 inches, drop spindles, Chevy brakes, and plenty of louvers on the hood and tailgate round out the redesign.

A bonus video of the build is included in the advertisement as a sweet distraction from work.

See something more post apocalyptic made from a Volkswagen?

A refugee from the frozen north who loves running and water sports, Adam can be found looking for the next slow car to drive fast when he has access to electronics he hasn't immersed in liquids. He's and analog kid not a digital man.  


  1. If you rotated the ignition coil 90 degrees, you could add a cylindrical shroud to keep the chickens out of the engine...

  2. I like the execution. Too bad he executed a convertible bug in the process.

  3. Fun toy. Stupid price.

  4. Agree. Pretty sure this is a crime in Germany


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