Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Brot und Butter: 1997 Mercedes-Benz E420 Sport W210

by Glenn -- Without a doubt, the E-class is the bread and butter of Mercedes Benz.  With over 13 million sold to date, it has deservedly earned "best selling" model in MB history.  They were built to be tough and are used in demanding applications such as taxi cabs throughout the world.  Many different variants evolved under the W210 chassis run including this clean low mileage 1997 Mercedes-Benz E420 Sport offered for $8800 CDN ($6800 USD at today's rate) in Vancouver, BC via craigslist.

The W210 chassis was distinguishable from previous E-series with it's quad lamps and softer lines.  This Sport model benefited from factory cosmetic upgrades including Aero side cladding, AMG mono block wheels, & revised front air dam.  Topping $57K as equipped in 1997, depreciation has not been kind but does present an opportunity on maintained low mileage examples.  The seller incorrectly lists this as an AMG model but can be forgiven as the Sport model was developed by MB in conjunction with AMG input. 

E420's were first introduced mid-year 1996 and came equipped with the 4.2L M119 V8 engine producing 286 HP.  Honed over many years of production, the M119 was built with with longevity in mind.  Known issues with this series are the plastic cam oiler tubes which have a tendency to blow the plug out of one end resulting in a loss of lubrication to the affected lifter and noticeable ticking noise.  An easy fix is to swap in an earlier set of cast aluminum tubes for many years of trouble-free driving.  Coupled to an electronic 5-speed automatic, these were built for long hauls in comfort & style.
W210 interiors were built equally durable and this example looks well kept.  The leather looks almost factory fresh as does the trim and controls.  This model was the top of the line E-series in it's day and was accordingly well appointed with such options as power rear sun-shade, glass moon roof, dual zone climate control, and heated seats.  ASR traction control & ESP (Electronic Stability Program) compliment the rest of the E420 Sport package.

With the odometer showing only 100K Kilometers (62K miles), this example has a lot of use left in it.  The ad states "price is negotiable" indicating the seller is motivated.   See another depreciated tank for cheap? tips@dailyturismo.com    

When not receiving complaints of "distracted by cars...again" from his wife, Glenn can be found in the kitchen whipping up exotic cuisine and nourishing nosh.


  1. nice cruiser in good condition based on the pix. It looks like it spent some of its life in Japan (not a bad thing). The only problem with these is that the paint or priming in these models was not as expected and have often signs of early rust in the "rust belt" areas where salt is used on the roads.

  2. Hey, hon? You know that 100K 2007 Camry you were looking at yesterday? [image="http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toyota-Camry-LE-/222139577073?forcerrptr=true&hash=item33b88cf2f1:g:5XsAAOSwvg9XUAH8&item=222139577073" width="400px"/] Forget it!
    Really, why would anyone buy such a car (the Toyota,) with cars like this available for the same money? Sure, the upkeep will be a little bit more, but the psychic cost of driving the Toyota is enormous. Come on, folks, God gave us the internet - use it!

    1. OK, I still need work on embedding....

  3. I'd take this in a second over a 2007 Camry. I haven't done a LOT of wrenching on these, but what I *have* done it's been a simpler car to work on than an E34 or E39 BMW.

    Like every car of '90s-up vintage, find out what diagnostic software (not generic OBD-II, but the real OE detail stuff, either a third-party vendor or, uh, stolen OEM) you need for it and find a source.


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