Monday, June 6, 2016

Auction Watch: 1983 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel

Find this 1983 Isuzu I-Mark Diesel here on eBay bidding for $2,000 with auction ending today (Monday) at 3:05PM Pacific.


 From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used
Seller Notes: Vehicle is rust free,paint is good,no broken glass, Seat covers are on to protect the like new upholstery,uses about one quart of oil between changes,bought from a used dealer who bought out of the estate of original owner.
Year: 1983 VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JABAT69P1D0800541
Mileage: 99,311 Interior Color: blue
Make: Isuzu Number of Cylinders: 4 cyl

I-Mark Diesel 5 speed

Body Type: 4 door
Trim: DL Vehicle Title: Clear
Engine: 1.8 Diesel Options: CD Player, satellite radio
Drive Type: 5 speed Fuel Type: Diesel
For Sale By: private owner Exterior Color: Gray
Power Options: Air Conditioning

 I bought this about one year ago in west Texas. A used dealer had bought the car in an estate auction. The original owner had kept the car garaged and used it in part to tow behind his RV(some of the 99, 311 miles were put with the engine off). I had planned on keeping this car for the remainder of my life but I have encountered some health issues which will require me to move to a senior living type place with restricted and limited parking. This the last of my "goodies" to go. Car needs nothing now but I bought a supply of things from Rock Auto that I was planning on using in the future .  Car comes with 5 air filters,11 oil filters,1 wheel cylinder,1 clutch plate.  Car comes with a stock tow bar and can be towed using a 7/8" ball with a 4 wire flat plug for lights.The seat covers are there to protect the near perfect seats. You would be hard put to find another of these cars in this good condition.
I had a new timing belt put on about 6 weeks ago. Car comes with a owner's manual and a shop manual purchased off ebay. Thanks for looking.

On May-31-16 at 04:35:08 PDT, seller added the following information:In answer to some questions about the car.A/C blows cold,service manual includes diesel engine,all gauges work except the oil pressure, spare tire , and jack in trunk exhaust system good, new brake pads 3 months ago.  Thanks    p.s. car for sale locally so bid to win

On Jun-04-16 at 07:00:53 PDT, seller added the following information:bids from members with 0 (ZERO) history will be blocked from bidding unless you send me message with your phone number. I realize that everyone has to start sometime and after I call you maybe we can unblock. Just trying to eliminate "jokesters" and keep it fair for serious bidders. Thanks


  1. This looks vaguely alfa-esque from side profile. I remember a friend's mom had one of these new. Well okay she bought it new but it spent most of it's life in the field behind their house as a mouse-condo. Had about 30k miles on it from what I remember, and it "just died". We used it as a fort.

  2. A slow, clattery rolling ode to all that is gray.

    RyanM - what spell check program do you use? The damn thing changed what I guess you meant as "grotesque" to some really odd replacement. Good luck figuring that out.

  3. To me looks 3/4 Peugeot 504 from the side view so this oil burner is earning it's name....


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