Saturday, June 4, 2016

Auction Watch: 1982 Chevrolet El Camino

Find this 1982 Chevrolet El Camino here on eBay bidding for $5,300 with auction ending today (Saturday) at 8:43AM Pacific. 

 From eBay listing:

Item specifics

Condition: Used Year: 1982
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): 1gccw80hxcr217166 Mileage: 92,000
Exterior Color: Red Make: Chevrolet
Interior Color: Tan Model:

El Camino

Number of Cylinders: 8 Trim: Standard
Transmission: Automatic Engine: 305 V8
Vehicle Title: Clear Drive Type: Auto
Fuel Type: Gasoline For Sale By: Private Seller

I've owned this car for 6yrs and only selling because I've found my dream car and don't have garage space for both. The car has a factory 305-V8 with turbo 350 trans that was rebuilt less than 1,000 miles ago. Carb rebuilt last summer along with new starter and battery. Interior and exterior are in excellent condition with no tears, rips, or dents, or scratches . High quality non-original red paint job done before my ownership. Looks excellent! No evidence of prior body damage anywhere on car. Always starts on first crank even if it has sat for weeks. This is a NO RESERVE AUCTION

Questions. Call Glen (201) 370-1255

Questions and answers about this item

Q: can you tell what is the condition of the door bottoms any corrosion or rust repair. and is the rear frame rails back by the bumper in good condition with no rot or corrosion. thanks as these are places where these trucks....
A: Both door bottoms solid with no sign of prior repair. Frame rails have no sign of damage or rust. .other than minor surface rust. This is a very solid survivor with only minor restoration (paint). I purchased from seller..
Jun 02, 2016
Q: need pictures of the engine bay and underside of el camino. I will not bid on what I cant even see
A: Thanks for your interest. .I will try and get a few photos before auction ends. . underside and engine are clean but not detailed!
Jun 02, 2016
Q: hi, any pics of engine and underside? thanks
A: Thanks for your interest. .no additional photos. . will try and take some. Underside clean same with engine but neither detailed.
May 28, 2016
Q: Does the a/c work?
A: Thanks for your interest. . blows cold but I believe it needs a charge. . haven't used the A/C for 2+ summers. . every thing is there.
May 28,

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  1. My buddy had one with a 305 had the soft cam issue that was common i helped him put a new bumbstick in it and adjusted the valves as he had trouble getting it right the one thing i can do !


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