Friday, June 3, 2016

40¢/lb: 1965 Ford Galaxies (3)

One of the schools of thought for buying a classic car says that you should always buy the biggest car you can get for the least amount of money...which is great if you run a scrap yard or a recycling plant, but maybe not the best idea if you actually want to enjoy driving your classic.  But...there is something about paying a minimum dollars per pound that appeals to the shopper in anyone.  Take a look at this package deal of three 1965 Ford Galaxies offered for $4,900 located in Littleton, CO.

The 3rd generation Ford Galaxie (1965-1968) was a behemoth of a full-sized automobile, and the sedan version crushes the scales at something like 3800 lbs before you optioned up to the big block engines.  The 4-door variant is considered a "grandpa" car by collectors these days and are cheap...but this package deal is going for about 40 ¢ per pound. 

The seller includes a good description of each car:

Runs and drives
77,337 miles
390 engine, aluminum intake, edelbrock carburetor, partially chromed engine
Cruise-a-matic transmission, rebuilt
Lowered/slammed springs, swapped springs from black galaxie
Good interior (light teal and white), has tear on front seat passenger side
Tinted windows
Newer wheels and tires
New brakes (shoes, drums, hardware) front and back
Clean Colorado title

Engine runs, transmission slipping, last time drove D-1 slipped but had reverse
52,591 miles
390 engine, edelbrock carburetor
Cruise-a-matic transmission
Lowered/slammed springs, have regular springs as well
Moderate interior (dark teal), door panels good, front seat has cover, back seat needs new cushion and reupholstered on the seat part, backing good>
Body has been shaved, no door handles or trimmings (did not install door poplocks yet)
stock wheels and other options available
Clean Colorado title (I also have the original 1965 Colorado title and owner's manual for this car, perfect for showing)

Engine and transmission have been pulled
352 engine stock (out of car)
Transmission gone, only torque convertor left
74,131 miles
Recently high pressure washed (with hotsie - high pressure hot water unit), ready for reconditioning and body work
Moderate interior (metallic green), door panels good, back seat needs new cushion and reupholstered on the seat part, new headliner>
Have all brand new door seals still in bags
Body and frame in great shape
New brakes (shoes, drums, hardware) front and back
Clean Colorado title

 See a better start to your plans to take over the galaxy?


  1. Nothing HOTSIE here may be A deal for some one....Green Motor incredible hulk knot....

  2. Total bargain... if you live near Denver and have space for all 3. If not, keep the best one (the white one?) and grab the spare parts you need off the other 2 before sending them on their way. Probably make back 30-50% of your money on the other 2. If you live far away, the transport cost of these 3 beasts will hurt you.

  3. "Crushes the scales at 3800 lbs" - Um, that practically qualifies as a "compact" these days.


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