Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Drive-In: Rally Corner

Welcome to Sunday Drive-In, a weekly celebration of stuff on the internet worth watching. Have you ever noticed that the more exciting the motorsport is for the driver, the less fun is for spectators?  Look at circle track racing -- it is miserably boring to just turn left all day, but the fans great a great view of all racing action.  A road course is next best, with views of multiple corners for fans, and much more excitement for the drivers.  Street courses are next, the implications of crashes much higher, but views for spectators are compromised by buildings and other things.  And finally we get to rally racing.  In rally, the driver is expect to respond to weather, road conditions, and hazards based on a few limited dry-runs of the course, but fans are given a 2 second drive-by of some fantastic piece of machine.  Wait another 5 minutes and you'll see something else.  Not that there is anything wrong with standing in the woods all day to watch the world's best blast through corners fishtailing expensive machinery at triple digit speeds. Take a look at this next video for a preview of being a rally fan for a day.

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