Thursday, May 12, 2016

Summer Memories: 1977 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser

It is summer, gas is still hovering at around 2 bucks a gallon and your sense of adventure is still alive and well. These are the ingredients of fond memories. Your future camping, boating and vacationing stories will be as unique as your imagination and your chosen destination. Now to find a capable and unique ride to get you there. Find this 1977 FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser for sale in Duluth, MN for $17,500 via craigslist.

This Land Cruiser has the visual and tactile character you want in a classic family hauler.  The square shape, two-tone paint and close set headlights will be remembered by your kids when they grow up. Other vacationers will envy your taste as your vacation pictures will resemble a Norman Rockwell painting much more than theirs.  Just insert wife, kids, dog and boat into the below pic and you get the idea.

No, you won't have headrest screens for movies, reclining seats or even AC this time around, but great vacation memories are not made of such things.  Your family will remember you capably switching gears and locking the hubs, when necessary.  With an interior like this, there will be no need for nitpicking about tracking mud into the car.  Your kids will revel in their feral nature while on vacation this summer.

When your memorable vacationing is over, whether it is in the fall or in forty years, you can be sure this dream machine will have retained its value.  It may even gain some.  Be sure to keep her out of the salt and conduct routine maintenance.  The next generation will be glad you did. 

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  1. Interesting. 74k miles but the speedo is clearly in kph. I wonder if it's a Canadian delivery?

    1. That's the inner-ring of the speedo that, on US cars, is typically in KPH. The outer is in MPH.

  2. Just a pick o' the nits: this Iron Pig does have aircon, according to the CL advert and the AC compressor on the d-side front of the engine that still has a belt attached.

    Additionally: I'd POR-15 the underside sooner rather than later, as southwest cars don't rust much but they do sandblast the underside rather well. And in doing so, they remove what little rustproofing there was on the car to begin with. This makes them rust even faster when brought to the rust belt.

    Lastly, to heck with keeping them out of the salt... I'd go even further, keep them out of the wet, period. These things, even new, had a ridiculous penchant for the tinworm. Moreso than the FJ-40 and FJ-60.

  3. I didn't realize land cruisers were ever this adorable.
    I want this, a mini and a bugeye sprite and have the happiest garage in the world


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