Monday, May 2, 2016

Snub Six Shooter: 1995 International 4700

 In certain parts of the US, a man's truck says more about him than anything else.  You are are a Ford man, a Chevy man or a Dodge man.  You can root for Duramax, Powerstroke or Cummins.  Jacked up to the heavens?  How high do you want to go?  Well, it looks like someone in Waynesville, MO decided to trump them all.  Find this 1995 International 4700 for $8,950 via craigslist.

International Harvester has been out of the pickup market for years.  Just because the marque moved all of its chips into the industrial and agricultural markets doesn't mean that IH no longer has fans. International Harvester farm equipment has become Case IH and the International heavy truck division is now called Navistar, but many farmers, drivers and heavy equipment operators have their favorites.  IH and John Deere is the classic farm implement manufacturer rivalry that goes back a century.    

What better way to pay tribute to your favorite brand than to take an out-of-production heavy truck, add a civilian dually bed and use it as your daily driver?  Yes, you are going to get single digit fuel economy and drive through ATM machines will be a no-go.  Parking will also require a little planning ahead and going through a car wash is out of the question.  When your friends say you are crazy about Internationals, however, they will be speaking the truth.

There are other advantages to owning this truck.  First you will have a great view of everything way up in the driver's seat.  Spotting the next Prius to bathe in soot will be way too easy.  Second, you should have enough torque from the turbo/intercooled straight six to pull a brick, um, outhouse off its foundation.  Third, you can row through the gears in this beast like over-the-road truck drivers used to.  That's right, this beast has a clutch and floor shifter.  Finally, if you daily drive this truck you will almost surely be the undisputed big truck champion in your town.   

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  1. Man this thing is totally cool from the kid in me who loved Tonka trucks and just would love something like this to stomp around the grounds. It seems pretty cheap for such a beast that looks clean and easy to use.

  2. 'Handles the curvy roads great' - I don't think I'd be trying to put much slip angle on the tires, thanks, but I expect it can keep up with traffic just fine.

    'But due to a recent car wreck it's gonna be a little while before I'm going to be able to enjoy it' - what's it take to get your license suspended where he's at?

    It's a cute little 'binder, could be a lot of fun. If I needed a pickup (and had room...) I'd check it out. Actually, it'd be cool to have for my daughter to drive to high school in a few years. And as a '95 diesel it ought to be smog-proof in California.

  3. this short wheelbase should have an interesting (if rough) ride, I always preferred a longer wheelbase. it has no room for your stuff that needs to stay dry either or that you don't want stolen. Otherwise it would be great for towing a large travel trailer, think of the movie The long long trailer" with Lucy and Desi.

  4. No 5th wheel? Guess that's easy enough to fix. This is a lot like a poor mans cxt, which isn't even meant as an insult since the only cxt I could find on ebay is going for like 85K.


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