Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Seller Submission: 1983 Datsun 810 Maxima Wagon L28ET Power

The first generation Maxima was badged (for the US market) first as the Datsun 810, later the Datsun Maxima, and finally as the Nissan Maxima.  All we know is that it is a rear drive Japanese classic that deserves your attention.  Find this 1983 Datsun 810 Maxima Wagon here on eBay offered for $7,500 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Cookeville, TN.  Seller submission from Dave.

Today's Maxima wagon started with a rust free west coast car that was given an inline-6 engine from a 280ZX mated to an automatic transmission.  The combination of clean rust free Japanese wagon and L28ET swap makes it a true double unicorn.

Under the hood is an L28ET inline-6 that is pushing 7 bls of boost through a small turbo to produce 180 horsepower according to the seller.  The installation looks well done and could be mistaken for stock if you don't know your Nissans Datsuns.

The interior has been given a number of upgrades, including a wood rimmed GT Grant steering wheel, new carpets, new sport-style seats and looks ready for action.

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  1. What is that ring under the rear bumper? If you pull it, does the car talk?

    1. Japanese tuner culture used to steal the passenger grab rings from the commuter trains and put them on the rear of their cars for some reason or another. Now you can go in most any 'hyaku yen' shop in japan and buy a reproduction for your own questionable uses.

  2. Love the wheels, hate the interior.

  3. Very nice wagon. If it works as well as the seller claims, maybe it is close to being well-priced. That back seat is a throwback (or we wish we could throw it back). I would still want to swap in a 5-speed, but maybe that would not play well with the turbo (which I would happily forego).

  4. My first car. Only mine was blue and diesel. And had about 120 hp less.

  5. So has a Ball buster on the rear car has been on half dozen sites 4 sale each time ?
    Price maybe a little high for a small audience just my grumpy 2 cents.

  6. While I really like this wagon, I don't think I'd shell out that kind of cash for it. Now a sedan with a 5 speed might be a different story.

  7. It's probably worth that money if you're somewhere you can smog it, nice car, less than inspiring engine swap.

  8. Are these actually fun to drive? I'm sure the turbo makes it a little quicker, but my recollection of these (as a passenger - family friend had one, and Burlingame Saab had a late-80s one as a loaner) was they're kind of a Japanese Buick. I know they've got a decent amount of interest in the Japanese classic scene, so those guys must be doing something to them to make them more fun... not trying to trash the car, just curious what's changed since they were made.


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