Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mongoose: 1970 MG MGB GT V8

The MGB seems an unlikely place to find a domestic V8, but for some reason, I keep stumbling onto customized versions.  This isn't the case for all classics, but some combination of engine bay size, production numbers, and vehicle value has turned the MGB (particularly the GT 2+2 hardtop variant) into a car that gets regular injection of V8 power. Find this 1970 MG MGB GT V8 offered here on eBay for $23,900 buy-it-now or make-offer, located in Vancouver, WA.

Back in the 70s, you could get an MGB GT with a factory Rover 215 V8, but it was never exported to the USA by MG, so any examples you'll find here have been imported.  This one started life as a simple B-series 4-banger powered chrome bumper B GT, but now it is a little bit more insane.

Under the hood is a 350 cubic inch Chevy small block ZZ3 crate motor V8 that has been ported, polished, and cammed to make 400 horsepower. If you like shifting your own gears, you will need to swap in a 6-speed, because the builder used a GM 700R4 autobox.

See a better example of a Cobra/Tiger hunter?


  1. No! Please, no! Not an iron SBC! Not a slushbox! And melt those wheels down for IKEA pencil holders or something, please!

    The 'MGB V8' concept is a good one. You do it with the most hellacious Rover V8 you can afford to build. If you can't afford, junkyard Rangie 4.6s go begging; if you've got a crew just wait for half-price day. Remember, you pull the engine by lifting the front of the body up with the hoist, not trying to lift the lump out the top.

    Or maybe even an SBF with aluminum heads.

    But not this thing. No, no, no.

    1. But I will say that it's a pretty car if you're prepared for a do-over on the powertrain. If you need someone who'll spec out and build a kick-ass 5-liter Rover motor for you let me know.

  2. I love the color, and the Chevy V8 is there because it makes the most power for the least money which is absolutely understandable, I don't even mind the automatic (it's an overdrive) but those wheels need to be sent back to 1995

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  4. Nope. Certainly not when compared to this one that was on DT earlier:

    Now THAT was a proper build!

  5. The body work looks clean though

  6. Under "condition" it says "certified pre-owned". Yep. I'm sure it was previously owned by someone and I'll certify that.


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