Friday, May 27, 2016

IPD Build Off Winner: 1982 Volvo 245 V8

Another day another customized Volvo 245 wagon -- are we too predictable?  Nope.  Not at all, particularly when it comes to a well written advert that starts: Please if this is your first car, if you can't change your own oil, if you need your dad to come with you, if you can't drop a transmission or custom fabricate don't bother responding its too much car for you I know its sweet but lets save both of us some time....  Find this 1982 Volvo 245 Wagon with V8 offered for $8,500 CAD ($6,553 USD) located in Edmonton, AB, Canada via   Tip from George.

That is a strong lead off to a Volvo listed for a few grand, but this Volvo is the result of a build by Team Ron from the 2013 IPD $25k Build-Off.  The seller doesn't explicitly state that in the advert,  but the video posted of the car (demonstrating the air bag suspension and gnarly exhaust) was posted from the IpdVolvo youtube channel and listed as Team Ron Build Off.  Unfortunately the team build pages on ipd's website are gone, but like unlike those Polaroids you took in college, stuff on the internet never goes away.  Find the full details of the build archived here.

That screaming V8 under the hood is a Ford 302 small block that is cammed/carbed/chromed to produce about 385 horsepower from about $8k in receipts.  If you live in a locale that allows this sort of thing, it looks like fun!

The interior is described as a "mix of Stock and Mexican blanket interior with custom wood floor".  And no, Mexican blanket isn't a derogatory term for a beach towel, but the back of the car features actual Mexican (style? they are probably made in Taiwan) blankets. It actually looks pretty good.

The tank for the airbag setup takes up some cargo space, so you will no longer be able to get your skis or moose carcasses into the back with the rear seat folded down. The wood load floor however, in the style of '50s pickup beds, is a nice touch.

See another bagged Volvo for cheap?


  1. Cool build. 1) You may indeed need to drop the transmission to change the synchros after the extra long punch-the-rear-view-mirror-when-you-shift-into-third shifter caused it to grind just about every gear change in the video. 2) The word Racing painted on the air cleaner is worth 5rwhp 3) Suitcase subwoofer is cool.4)The airbag suspension would be handy to get ground clearance for the Edmonton potholio roads 5) Seems like a cool guy, hope he gets what he is asking.

  2. That was my car and my listing, I ended up selling it for what I was asking and boy do I miss it :(

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