Thursday, May 5, 2016

DT Radio Show: Weeler Dealer Mike Brewer, Senator Ted Gaines, & Racer Carl Rydquist

What do you get when you combine a UK based Wheeler Dealer, a California state Senator, and a Pirelli World Challenge race car driver?  I have no idea.  But, it is going to be an insane week on the Daily Turismo Radio show.  First, we are going to record an interview with Senator Ted Gaines, the guy behind a fantastic CA classic car bill that will save late 70s classics from the crusher. Next we are going to have ex Formula Drift and current Pirelli World Challenge driver Carl Rydquist joining us in the studio for a live broadcast from our studio at 7PM pacific time on Friday May 6th. Finally we are going to have TV personality and the nicest chap you'll ever buy a second hand car from -- Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers on Velocity HD will join us via phone for a recorded segment that will air in the next few days.

You can listen to the show here PodBean // iTunes// TalkRadioOne live broadcast.  Now is your chance to get questions in for the show, you have a few options:

1. Submit your questions in the comments below.
2. E-mail your questions to
3. Call in during the show and ask questions live on the air or in a pre-taped segment-- e-mail and ask for call-in instructions.

These will be three separate shows, but we are still trying to figure out the details of which is going to be released when, but in no particular order:

  • Senator Ted Gaines will join us to discuss the California Senate Bill 1239, which aims to move the smog exempt date from 1975 to 1980, but for classic cars only.  Read our previous story about this bill here.  We'll ask the Senator some hard hitting questions about his favorite year of RX-7 and if he prefers the Porsche 924 or the 928.
  • Racer Carl Rydquist will join us for a live show that will air on at 7PM Pacific time and we will talk about e-brake sliding Simcas, driving the Factory Five Racing GTM, and the greatest movie of all times (Spinal Tap in case you didn't know already). 
  • Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers is going to join us via phone from somewhere exotic (it might be an airport men's room or the driver's seat of the latest WD acquisition), but we are going to talk about modern classics, the glamorous life of a TV host, and which car was his favorite to restore.

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  1. Re Sen Gaines - what are the pressure points, who's up/down on this and why?

    Aside from the customary fax-a-letter to our own state Assembly/Senate reps what are the right issues to address and to whom?


  2. Re Sen Gaines -

    If this doesn't prevail (and I could see some CA lawmakers not wanting to look soft re: global warming, etc) would he consider just dropping the visual check but maintaining the tailpipe emissions check?

    Aftermarket EFI systems and electronic ignitions could make these cars much cleaner, motor swaps even more so. As far as stimulating the classic car economy, I'm sure kits to do the above would spring up for the most popular cars. This could be a workable compromise that most of us car guys would be ok with to.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Agree. Most of us with old vehicles have no problem with passing sniffer.

      Anything we could possibly do to the car to make it survive will only make it run cleaner.

      I'd pay an 'abatement fee' to do sniffer-only and skip the visual.

      The 'visual' becomes less and less important as smog techs with experience in older cars age out, systems become more complex and varied beyond the ability of a smog tech to check e.g. EGR is no longer functionally tested.

      The visual test seems largely a check for stuff that's obviously broken, shiny stuff, blue silicone hoses, open-element air filters, and pre-cat exhaust plumbing without an EO that may or may not be worse than stock.

      The state put through a reg a few years back on aftermarket catalyst quality, I appreciate the intent (many vendors WERE, and still are to other states, selling cats with limited lifespan) but is it better to control this on the front end - you can't sell a cat that's not approved by our bureaucracy for this car - or on the back end - you can install whatever you want, but it better work or you're on the hook to pay for a replacement that does (or sell/scrap the car).

      I'll take door #2, thanks, because I'm prepared to bet that I can figure out what works.


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