Saturday, May 7, 2016

DT Radio Show Ep 19: Carl Rydquist, Mike Brewer, Sen Ted Gaines

In this marathon of an extravaganza we are joined by former Formula D and current Pirelli World Challenge driver Carl Rydquist who was interrupted while talking drifting by none other than Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers on Velocity Channel (at 23:31 into the show), who expounds on the current state of the show and the Peking to Paris rally race. We conclude the first hour with Cali State Senator Ted Gaines who discusses CA Senate Bill 1239 (at 47:06) that could change the classic car smog exemption age from 1975 to 1980, which would be fantastic for collectors!!

We had some small technical difficulties -- when Mike Brewer first joined the show, his voice was broadcast on the live feed, but the channel wasn't recorded, so you can't hear him talking about pouring down rain in a 1916 Cadillac. Luckily Producer Ben figured it out within 30 seconds or so.

Tune in next week live on Friday 7PM Pacific time May 13th when we interview $500 Craigslist Car Rally Legend Bill Caswell.

You can also listen to the live feed on your smart phone via the tunein app (just search for TalkRadioOne) or listen to any of our shows on PodBean or iTunes.

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